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Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

Reaper Ron

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4 hours ago, Marc said:

I love that the figure is separate from the base! Makes it WAAAY better for folks that prefer to add their own bases!


Curious if the separate base was just for the owlbear or if it will be more common going forward ...


3 minutes ago, MiniDungeonMaster said:

Ooh interesting, thanks for the information! 


Im especially excited about the seperate base, I feel like I spend a lot of time removing integrated broccoli based in order to do basing so if this is a trend going forward I’m very happy :)

I’m wondering about separate bases going forward too.

Fingers crossed.

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I agree on separate bases!


I have no need for the Owlbear, but I'm happy to see that Reaper is improving Bones with every step.

I'm sure I will pick up Black Bones as soon as they get to stuff I need ( Dinos, Lizardmen, Vampires, Pirates, Snakes, Barbarians, Megafauna, Insects)

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I agree about the base! I like built in bases for ease of use.... sometimes. But they also prevent reaching nooks and crannies, and make customizing more difficult. Having a base like the owlbear has more often would be swell! Looks like it is all set to just glue together, tons easier than annoying slotted bases, so you get the benefit of an unbased and an integral based figure! 

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Okay, just got my Reaper order with the Owlbear, almost no mold lines, a very clean sculpt. Detail is far superior to the standard Bonesium, however, this may be partially due to Reaper getting more experience. I would put this at VERY close to a resin sculpt.  If this is going to be a good representation, there will be a lot of very pleased miniature painters and modelers out there.


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40 minutes ago, TriOpticon said:

@Cygnwulf, did you have to remove mold lines? Any difficulty?


Thank you. 

Haven't tried yet, My earlier post was literaly just an unboxing.  I'm hoping to find some time this weekend to actually work on him and see how it goes working with the material. 

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Looking at this beastie closer, the base is very nicely done as well. A nice generic ground pattern that will be easy to use or doctor up as you wish. I hope this is a new idea going forward as well.

On 1/3/2019 at 1:27 AM, Darsc Zacal said:

Quote below was posted by Reaper on their Facebook page:


“the Owlbear is our first model to promote the line. Each month will feature a new promotional mini, and regular Bones Black minis will be for sale starting in the spring.”


Reaper also posted the pic below of two Bones Black minis coming out in 2019. Although it wasn’t specified if these would be part of the monthly freebie giveaways or retail pieces only.AC52E516-0D18-46E7-B200-CFADE4AB5BAE.thumb.jpeg.e4ee9184db6df258ef91f9f6c00daff7.jpeg

The troll seems to have a separate base as well.

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8 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

How does the material cut? Is it just as easy as plain ol' white Bones to cut?


(Please note that I'm not asking anyone to cut up their new toy. When someone does decide to do so, i'd like to know, though.)

No, it is not that easy to cut. This is a tough, hard material. Think more along the lines of an ABS plastic, I bounced this thing around and it is very tough, it will stand up to transport and use. I am thrilled that I found out new CAVs will be made from this. The few lines that needed to be trimmed were easily cut with a sharp Xacto knife.

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1 hour ago, Corsair said:

 I am thrilled that I found out new CAVs will be made from this. The few lines that needed to be trimmed were easily cut with a sharp Xacto knife.

When and where was this confirmed?  If so I'm going to have to find a way to put even more cash than is budgeted towards such... 


Edit: ooooooooh.  Happy fox I be. 

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