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Paedia paints Trista, the White Wolf


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Session 2 of Gold NMM work; got a good bit of the front almost there.


I tried out Glitterwolf's suggestion for the wolf's nose and I think it works really well! Thank you for the suggestion.



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More Gold work on the sword hilt and back.


Until now, I had never used my Russet Brown, but I have been really impressed with it in my NMM Gold. I was using NMM Gold Shadow (09301), but I prefer the soft warmth of the Russet Brown. Still really dig the rest of the NMM Gold triad, though.



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Finished up the gold work. Now on to the skirt/loincloth/totally-not-sure-if-has-special-name part. This is my first time using the vivid blues triad (Ritterlich Blue, Brilliant Blue, and Cyan Blue). I am really digging them. Out of the bottle, they seem to be a little more translucent, making for some easy blending. I did end up adding in some sky blue and LED blue for the highlight (I think I put both on my palette and just sort of used a little of both. Shadows are currently a bit of Burgundy Wine mixed with Ritterlich and then I put down some Corporeal Shadow. Now sure which I will end up going with. Thoughts?



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Tabard and skirt done. I tried out a little bit of damask effect on the hem of the skirt. I think I will try the effect on a full cape on an upcoming figure.


I tried out some runic symbol freehand on the shield and completed most of the leather work.


Final steps are some NMM that I missed, amber gem for the wolf eyes, shading on back of the shield, runic glow effect, and final leather cleanup.



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30 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

I like it!

Give her a show off!!!


Thank you. I most certainly will (as soon as she is based).

20 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

She looks great!  Thanks for sharing what the blue paints are, I think they're going in my shopping cart!  


Thanks! You are most welcome for the colors. I did forget to note that I used some 09018: Sky Blue in the highlight - I couldn't see too much of a tonal difference between Brilliant Blue and Cyan Blue.

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