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2018 "lost minis" year in review


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I was absent from here for much of 2018 (starting mid-August 2017), but that doesn't mean I wasn't painting. I hope to post a bunch of pics over the next week detailing all the minis I painted before August 2018. March featured a ton of stuff for convention GMing and I also painted a bunch for Tomb of Annihilation. And just whatever I felt like.

I'm going through stuff elsewhere to see what's been done and soon I'll be posting the list of minis (and also linking to other show-off threads).

Tablescapes Terrain WIP

Terraincrate Terrain/dressing WIP 1- Wizard's Study general WIP

Wizkids pre-primed minis and more minis terrain & dressing

Bad Squiddo Freya's Wrath 

Folklore the Affliction minis

GW mini WIP

Reaper Bones minis

77434 Yeti Chieftain

77460 Dwarf Butcher

77624 Altar to Dagon 77343 Goroloth 77166 Balto Burrowell 77142 Bones Blacksmith WIP Show-off

The missing minis are yet to come... I need to find where they were stashed out of the way.

Total count 20 (actually, __)

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I found my first batch. Unfortunately, I dont have proper photo tools, so I'm using a catfood box to stop my phone from focusing on everything but the mini.

77231 Rugg, Bugbear March

Wiz Kids Zombies February

77342 Zombies (3/5) January

77198 Barrow Rats March

77351 Cultist April

77422 war dog February

77463 weregorilla March

Wiz Kids Displacer Beast





77113 Eldritch Demon March






77502 Jungle Titan March







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Most of these were for CIC Vault of the Devourer and season 7 5e D&D modules (zombies, jungle titan).

I think some Reaper zombies are missing (elsewhere) and so will be posted later.

These are from March approximately











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And some more. The next batch will take a while to find.

77505 Dragon Plant  It  came unglued, I havent had a chance to put it together and it got separated from its body.



Some scratch repairs are needed , very happy with the malachite staff on the bathalian


77020 Bathalian

77396 Olivia, Cleric



Stone skull bandits 77507, 77508, 77509, 77510 May









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89023 Gnome Balazar Pathfinder Iconic May

77342 Zombie (1/5) January

77258 Blood Demon March

77352 Demi-Lich (green = demi-lich, red = flaming skull) 1 March, 1 April




77447 Were Crocodile June





77084 Innkeeper May

77087 Mom & Kids 1 May

77459 Elven Blacksmith April?

77085 Wench April?

77088 Grandmother May

77084 Innkeeper 2 June

77462 Halfling Cook April?

77208 Anwyn  June

77140 Village Rioter June

77087 Mom & Kids 2 June




Lots more, but I have 8 Tupperware bins to check and various other places hidden away. I'll try to do a batch of posts a day as I find stuff. This was the easy stuff. Also, i updated the pics for the wizkids townsfolk.

Wip has been seen for the dwarven ancestor barbarian guardian spirit.

77461 Dwarven Brewer April

77460 Dwarven Butcher x2  April






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60 reaper here + wiz kids & terrain crate if you count that and tablescapes if you count that.

I found the big stash of missing stuff to photograph, though I'm not sure where one PC mini is. I'll try to do that tomorrow but it may take a few days (and posts) to get all up here. Scary to think I painted maybe 200-250 pieces this last year!



77418 Xiao Liu female monk

77421 Jade Tiger, monk



80075 Camel w/ pack (3)

77402 pack donkey (3)

80068 Victorians (3)

77541 Carrion worm

77536 female wraith

77636 death shroud

77533 dread wolves (2)

77043 eyebeast (pineapple)

77634 cursed gravestone

77538 gravestone of sorrow

77539 gravestone of protection

77534 tombstones (7)

77639 graveyard shrine

77638 graveyard column (2)

30 pieces +/- still to photograph

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So I found I think the rest if the minis. Pics later.

The monks, my orc merchant PC, lubash, the headless plant dragon, and death star lillies. I also found a reaper snake man based on local graffiti, and 1 of 2 wizkids yuanti. Other one still in package. And also an intellect  devourer. Coming later today.

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