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New Goals for a New Year!(January 2019 Hobby Goals)

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On 1/14/2019 at 4:52 PM, Zink said:

Latest goals

Finish the 6 sisters

Finish a goblin warlord and elf lord that are 80% painted for the last couple of months.

Get my home made foam cutter working properly again. Just need a new dimmer switch which I ordered.

Make a smithy and paint the 2 Bones smiths I have.

Do the mats I mentioned. Ordered the canvas today with some other hobby odds and ends. 


Haven't been doing as much as some months. Aliens attacked and I've spent a large share of my free time hunting them down instead of painting and building. Very small chance I'll complete anything else in the next couple days so thought I'd post now.


Finished the Sisters of Sigmar starter group and have even played a game with them. Need to take some pics.

Finished 8 graves using the Bones tombstones. Wasn't on the list but our next Frostgrave mission is the mausoleum so I set up the table as sort of a graveyard. Plus I'd done a bit of work on these a long time ago and they were pretty fast and easy. Thinking of working on more of the cemetary stuff from Bones because it's been prepped for a long time.


Did a little work on the goblin and elf lords.

Received the canvas in the mail but haven't decided yet exactly what I'm doing with it.

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On 1/7/2019 at 12:33 PM, ManvsMini said:

I've been pretty bad in previous years about sticking to goals, but let's give it one more shot!


For the year: finish more models than last year's total of 46.


For January:

1) Finish the single minis I have prepped already: 8 in total, 3 currently finished. Mission Failed

2) Work on 2 brush blending, concept is straightforward, but execution is... well, developing. Mission Success

3) Start interviews with miniature companies for upcoming article/video series. Mission Failed

4) Refrain from ordering more minis... got to save some budget for the rest of the year! Mission Failed


Still have a day left in the month, but given the cut I have on my painting hand, holding a brush is difficult. Might as well concede this month.


1) Spent too much time trying new things on a few pieces. Really ate up the time. First attempt at wet blending... needs practice.

2) Actually made a bit of progress in practicing it, still developing. I'd call myself... familiar with it? Def not proficient.

3) Internet connection speed trouble proved too problematic to make any head way on this.

4) Pshah, as if I could really refrain from ordering more minis??? Espec when Valiant had a sale, and the Bones Black owlbear?


In the epic battle of man vs mini, this month goes to mini.



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I didn't post my January Goals, just my yearly ones: 

New goal for the year:  paint more metal mins, paint one metal figure per month.  


January results: 

  1. Cobra
  2. KDM: lion armor, 2 axes
  3. Goblin with shield
  4. Goblin with bow
  5. Grey spider
  6. Brown spider
  7. Goblin in magenta pants
  8.  Goblin with mace
  9. Goblin with axe
  10. Smoke Mephit
  11. Goblin with spear 
  12. River Widow (metal) - unfinished 
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It's pretty certain that I won't get anything else finished for today, so that's January.  I finished up three Burrows and Badgers figures, a Bones pirate for my Ghost Archipelago crew, 3 Classic Minis recasts of vintage Heritage Dungeon Dwellers, and the repainted Archive wolf runners from my own ancient collection.It's not bad but you'll notice that there isn't a unit of 12+ figures in there, despite my having a couple near finishing in process.  I guess that will be the first thing up in February.


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On 1/14/2019 at 2:30 PM, MiniDungeonMaster said:
On 1/14/2019 at 2:30 PM, MiniDungeonMaster said:

For the year;

Run at least 1 d&d 5e module start to finish. Probably Hoard of The Dragon Queen or Waterdeep Dragon Heist, with as many painted miniatures as possible.

Paint 150 miniatures

Enter at least 1 painting competition

Take a painting class?


For January;

Paint 15 miniatures.

Decide which module to run 

Put together a list of what minis would be good to have for the module and work out a shopping list / what I already have that could be used.

Mid month Update:

I have painted 7 models so far this month, I have several others as WIPs or primed and ready to go, some are even larger than character sized so even if I don't finish 15 if I finish 10 and 2 large ones I'd be happy with that.

I have decided to run Waterdeep: Dragon heist, though I have not read past the first 5 pages yet or prepared the "miniatures required list"


I have also now painted over 33% of the miniatures I own (not including kickstarter unshipped) I'm really happy with this as even though I know there's hundreds unpainted- that still feels like a good % to be at. Ofc next month's shipment of Bones 4 will blow that out the water!


Is this how you do a quote in a quote? Have I done it? Who knows! Let's find out.


End of month update: 

I painted 18 models this month! Technically I also have another 6 that I would say are 66% done but I dont see those getting done tonight so I guess they'll go into February.

I have read further into WD:DH, but I havent finished it or made a "miniature shopping list" and I could do some tonight, and probably will, but I dont think I'd be able to finish it, which is a shame! I'm still overall fairly happy with what I've done this month.

It wasnt on my to do list but I have also re-done my spreadsheet so it's a lot more "user friendly" I'm really happy with it. I added "date acquired" to the file, and went through my instagram history to get as many as possible accurately dated- I'm interested to see how long on average it takes a mini to get painted! A long time that's for sure. Also weird fact, right now I own 337 miniatures- 337 is also the exact amount of miniatures I'll be receiving in my Bones 4 order too! Very coincidental. Though this is assuming I have logged everything I own correctly, and as I typed this I just remembered another small box I'm not sure if I've included.

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On 1/14/2019 at 7:34 PM, SparrowMarie said:


Finished painting the Frost Giant Queen now to base and attach her to it. Basing is in progress. Started the Dark Elves tonight. 


Frost Giant Queen is totally finished. Based and attached to it. I'm running the giveaway now, not many entries so far but I think limiting it to the continental US has something to do with it. I just don't have the funds currently to ship elsewhere. 


I finished the dark elves, just need to seal them. Started on the two driders and prepped my mini swap mini. 

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On 1/1/2019 at 9:39 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

Going to borrow from my previous set of goals, but modify things somewhat so it's more... Realistic. ^_^;;;

  • Fill gaps in minotaur demon lord!
  • Greenstuff work on Wyrmgear!  Approximately two sessions remain, three if I go for smaller, more detail oriented ones.
  • Unrelenting Tide: work on one hero/character, paint 5 Poison Wind Globadiers, assemble 5 minis
  • Additional work on one of the gnolls I've started already.
  • Re-prime (well, liner) the two gnolls and one minotaur that wound up going for a bath due to bad primer
  • Clean, assemble, and prime two to three minis for hubby
  • Assemble four of the CAVs in my backlog (that's about to get bigger!) DONE!  as of Jan 13th
  • Resume work on my rainbow dragon challenge Ebonwrath
  • Assemble my Pathfinder Red Dragon
  • Going to give an old goal a whirl - at least half an hour of painting hobbying, every day
  • Start work on the Sir Garrick the Bold Forscale, quite possibly with black and orange as the two main shades.
  • Finish Hajad!
  • Resume working on Tanith the Feral Song

Well now, uhm....  Yeah, I didn't do so hot in January.  Dealt with a lot of various different things, but thankfully most of those are behind me now, so....  Here's to next month, where I'm hoping to get a bunch of assembly done, as well as actually do the hobbying every day thing (technically, if one goes by hours, yes, I did meet my goal, but... Yeah.  Sitting down three different days and having one of them be twelve hours doesn't quite count in my book :P )

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On 1/6/2019 at 1:14 AM, Warlady said:

For 2019, it's dragons, dragons, and more dragons!  I would like to play a little with air-dry clay.  I have some terrain ideas rolling around in my head. And I have enjoyed and been inspired by Malefactus and his little 'shrooms and other fae things so much that I wonder if I couldn't come up with some fantastical creations of my own...I will ponder.


For January, it's continue my current commission and start on the next dragon in the queue!



Did four of the plastic WizKid mages and had fun doing spell effects with transparent paints.  Did finish two dragons, just haven't gotten to take pics yet.


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I only finished 3 minis in January, the 3 Reaper Mushroom men. Pictures soon (in geological time at least).

I did finish getting the Shaintar gaming material upgraded to the new Savage Worlds Adventure edition, so we are ready to start play on Wednesday.  I will call that a win gaming wise.

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On 1/1/2019 at 5:57 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Plans For 2019:
Paint KD: Dragon King. NOPE

Paint 2 other dragons.  3 Dragons 

Paint 90+ minis to keep up with my last 3 years.  125 total 

- 36+ from bones 3 core set.  70 from core 

- some dinos from bones 4 - 5 raptors 

- try some Bones Black.  one owlbear, some + dreadmere expansion? 

paint more metal (up from 3) 24 

- including Wiebe fundraiser dwarf for a local challenge. 


Paint another bust - I will soon have 3 unpainted - NOPE - 4 unpainted



I did pretty well on my goals for last year. 

didn't get to the first or the last goal, but a very good year of painting. 


How did you do? 

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Fan Plans for 2019

  Paint all the figures in the annual box This one was easy. It worked out to 1 figure every 3 weeks

  Continue my current Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign and perhaps work on two mini campaigns  I managed this last year

  Paint three entries for miniature painting competitions this year This grew to 5 entries but I failed to enter the contest at Reapercon

  Run a Call of Cthulhu game for my roleplaying group  This did not happen

  Paint character minis for all the players in my D&D group.  This did happen and the party grew to 12 figures

  Paint a Mithril miniature each month (at least one not only one)  I managed this and snuck in two bonus figures


Last year was reasonably productive for me. I look forward to the rest of 2020



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