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Mansions of Madness Megaproject

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Raising this thread from the Dead...


I finally got all the large monsters done from the three base sets.


Star Spawns









The Dark Young



And the Dunwich Horror



Ugh. That took a long time. 


Those Shoggoths got one-third done back in February then I dreaded putting the rest of the stripes on them so much that I didn’t touch them again until a week ago. 


But, they are done now and I have a decent start of the rest of the small/medium figures in my sets. Finishing those and all the investigators is my Minivember project. Wish me luck. 



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Wow! The effect on those Shoggoths looks difficult but worth it! And that Dark Young is spectacular. I also like the greasy worm-like sheaths of the Chthonians.
Very good stuff.

On 11/1/2019 at 4:19 PM, AutumnHare said:

Raising this thread from the Dead...

"...Doe not call UP any that which thou cans't not easily put DOWNE..." :lol: :zombie: :;,;:

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Well it took me all of 2019. But I got them done. 

Here’s the rest of the monsters:

Hounds of Tindalos:









Crawling One:



And Nightgaunt:


Hmm. I don’t have pictures of some of them....  Leaving this here so I remember to take pictures and add them for the rest of the monsters from the Second Edition base set, Recurring Nightmares, Supressed Memories, and Sanctum of Twilight sets. 








Child of the Goat,


Dark Druid,


Goat Spawn,




and Wraith

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Quite the project, but they turned out really well!  We love the game, but for the most part we haven't managed to beat the scenarios. :wacko:

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