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Getting to know you: January 2019


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12 hours ago, Corsair said:

Question for January 23, 2019


Dog or Cat?


Dogs. The bigger the better. Tiny ones are ok... until they go yip yip yip... Labradors are #1 in my heart.


As for cats, I've only ever loved one cat. He's grateful that we gave him a home and all the food he can eat. So grateful that I am pretty sure the running around he does from midnight to 3AM is him protecting the house from tiny trolls that come out of the wall (like in that Stephen King movie Cat's Eye).

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Just a follow up. This is Moggy (we couldn't come up with a decent name). He is the destroyer of all vermin, terrorizer of dogs, first one to the food bowls and all around lord of the house. He makes all his stealth rolls and delights in the misery of others. When he was a kitten he would sneak up on me, grab the back of my neck or arm, dig in all his claws, bite down as hard as possible, and then hang on for dear life while I flailed around madly. Last night he walked up to my wife and bit her, then walked off purring. He's 18 pounds of feline evil and is one of the most bloodthirsty little fur balls I've ever had the pleasure of living with. He's a great cat and I love him. 


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3 hours ago, eldamir said:

Dog as I'm allergic to cats generally, although there have been a few I've been around that haven't triggered the allergy for whatever reason.

I am like that. I have a cousin like that. 


The best theory I have read is that we are allergic to certain enzymes produced by the cat. Or by cats in general. There are a whole group of these enzymes. [32?] Any particular cat will only produce 8 out of 32 (or whatever the total gamut is).


There are humans allergic to all 32, 12 out of 32, only one or 2, or none of the enzymes. 


The enzymes exist in the Cat’s Skin. The skin exfoliates (dander) and particles of it get on the fur (hair) which then sheds to some extent. That process ^ explains many things:


People who say they are allergic to cat fur

People who say the are allergic to cat dander.

People who report reacting allergically in the mere presence of the cat (the house the cat lives in is permeated with the allergen because the cat has touched everything at some point.)


But If all of that is true it is mathematically possible to find a pairing of cat and a corresponding human where no allergic reaction exists. 

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