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Age of Sigmar Skirmish Warband


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Hi, I plan on trying out warhammer in the future and I accidentally have enough orc minis to make a 50 renown skirmish warband.


So, here they are: 6 savages, 7 archers, and a avatars of war orc shaman resin copy I plan on using as an wierdnob shaman (leader of the group) that needs to be based.


I plan on putting some rocks, sand and grass on their bases, and then giving them a nice paintjob.


I have never painted a "unit" or an army before, and I would be super thankful for any tips or suggestions that you might have for me before I even start, so please feel free to post them! :D


This whole project might take and I will post all updates in this topic.


Cheers and Waaaaagh!




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Looks like you've assembled a nice team. If this is your first time painting a unit/team the best suggestion is to find out what works for you.


Obviously batch painting is the way to go but you'll have to figure out how many you can handle at once. I can only manage about four or five before I start making mistakes or forgetting to paint spots. Having just done an Ork kill team for my wife I'd recommend starting with the skin tones because when it comes to Orks that's probably the hardest decision. Seriously there are a ton of options for Ork flesh.


Since I'll probably be painting an Ork army for my wife soon I look forward to seeing your progress on these. Seeing someone else's work is always helpful.

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On 1/5/2019 at 7:06 AM, Rigel said:

Branding is very important for a war band's unity and group recognition. Ordinarily I'd say pick a color scheme (3 or 4 colors) for their gear and clothing, but these being Orks, they might take branding a bit more literally! :poke: 


Tanksr for the advice! ::D:


I plan to use brown and yellow for sure, maybe some red and green, I'm still considering options :lol:



I decided to make the warband by doing smaller groups at a time, these are the first 7.

I still need to do some more work on their bases and some gap filling with greenstuff on the models before I prime them, but I like their look so far! ::D:


Most of these guys are, and are going to be, more or less converted by using various orc bits. I also made a banner for the group mainly out od junk ::D:



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3 minutes ago, malefactus said:

you no longer need to mount GW minis on undersized squares. 

That was a very welcome change. You must however be consistent with your bases, so he'll be locked into the square bases now.

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7 minutes ago, malefactus said:

I'm surprised you didn't opt for round bases now that you no longer need to mount GW minis on undersized squares. 

My guess is that you already had the squares.


What's even weirder to me is while they allow for circular bases (and in fact encourage such) a good portion of their minis still ship with the small 20mm square bases. 


Also, these orcs look awesome, I might have to look into the rules myself and whip up a small warband or three.. 

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I had both round and square bases, but I just like the look of the 25mm squares better for these particular minis :winkthumbs:


Also in the meantime, I decided not to make a warband only for warhammer skirmish or age of sigmar, because I would like to try other skirmish games that look similar (like frostgrave or mordheim). So since I like orcs so much, these guys are going to be my universal orc warband to be used in that kind of games ::D:


Thank you for the comments! 

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I can't say anything for regular Frostgrave, but Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago is great. You may want to check out Song of Blades and Heroes too. It's cheap and easy to understand, so much so that even your nonwar gaming friends may like it too, I know mine did.

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Hi everyone,


I will probably post updates on the warband during this weekend


In the meantime check out some cardboard terrain I made :D Ruined buildings and some ladders:




I found some old pdfs for mordheim with these structures and instructions to asamble them, If anyone is interested I will share them via message if that is okay with the rules of this forum :winkthumbs:




I painted this graffiti on one of the buildings interior saying: "Hrafn was here"




It's actually a running gag with one of my players :D We joke that his character had already visited most of the places in the world even before he and the group arrive, and if by some miracle it is not the case, he always leaves the graffiti anyway :D


he likes it a lot :D

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Hi everyone, sorry for not posting earlier, I got caught up with uni and a bunch of other projects ::D:

So after a bunch of asembling, kit bashing, converting, green stuff work and basing, here's an update finally :winkthumbs:




Orc shaman, the leader of the group



Two savage orcs I decided to use as big'un lieutenants



Three black orcs



Six classic orc boyz



Four arrer boyz



Two goblin archers to aid them when needed



And three orc thieves, these are em4 orcs that are smaller than gw ones. I converted the archer and the spearman and gave them daggers 



The weather conditions are terrible in my town at the moment, and since I do all my priming with a spray primer on my balcony, I will have to wait for the weather to get better to prime these guys up :lol:


I hope you like them!


P.S. I decided for a pirate theme for this group :;,;:

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Ok so I know it's been a while, but other projects and uni just swamped me, so I was left with very little time for my orcs.

Even so, here's a humble update on the warband

I present you Capt'n Klamorgan, the leader of the group:




He is actually an Avatars of War Orc Pit Fighter conversion using a bunch of orc bits and some greenstuff. Thanks for looking ::D:


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