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DGS Games Freeblades: Snakes and Skulls *Now with Dragon*

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I couldn't find this listed yet so here we go. DGS has a great history with Kickstarter and these new factions are a fun little twist on the norm. Take a look and see if it tempts your fancy. 

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I like the snake lady,6F1CD763-95B9-48BD-9B97-8E161DCFAD9C.png.0ce140e03c64def19c217425b7472ea0.png

and I like the reaper. He reminds me of an original style Githyanki.44C2A23B-6094-4A5C-ACA1-49F5F13085BD.png.062d0d585816e4d79db85c3c18a7754d.png


If there were only these two style of beings I’d probably be a backer, as I’m not a fan of the other creature designs.

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There are also stretch goals that allow you to get much of their current stock at a discount. If you have missed previous Kickstarters but were looking to get into the game now is a good time. $40 bucks could get you a starter and the Living rulebook.

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