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SPACEFUTURE: Incredible Women of Venus! (50212 and Hydra Valkeeri Leader B.)


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On 1/3/2019 at 8:30 PM, Redd Knekk said:

Just great! Is this for some tabletop you run? The group pic at the end seems like a teenage fantasy dream after watching Heavy Metal or something. Love this.

Ha! Yes, the Valkeeri are pure pulp cheesecake radness; the Frazetta is strong with them.

And also yes; I use slightly modified BRP/Call of Cthulhu rules. The player-facing tone is pulp-era optimism ("the power of the ATOM! taking mankind to the STARS! In the hopeful brightness of the far future there is only peace!"), the aesthetics and settings are mostly sword-and-planet/raypunk SF, the underlying politics and themes are from Cold-War-era SF, and once the players settle into the swing of things I begin hinting at the structural injustices, conspiracies, and cosmic horror underlying it all. 

So, your intrepid space-ape navigator might use a slide-rule to calculate a course steering their sleek fusiform ship to the cold deserts of the Red Planet on a mission from the Earth Government. Upon arrival they might find several factions pursuing the same piece of Precursor hypertech. While resolving these events, they gradually realize that their robot engineer pal buddy has a hidden directive from an off-world megacorporation to sabotage said artifact. And that they themselves have a brand logo hidden under their fur from that same megacorp. And so on, until preconceived notions of reality are well and truly questioned and/or Out Of Context Problems show up. :;,;:

All the flavor-text in the SPACEFUTURE posts is either taken from game or will be applied to it. 

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