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ReaperCon 2019 tickets


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1 hour ago, Highlander said:

April is but a wee week or two away.

I have a hunch that the tickets won't go up until the Kickstarter is all out the door and on its way to the backers.

Reaper has a lot of extra balls in the air trying to accomplish fulfillment on the Kickstarter in addition to all their regular business.  Adding Reapercon Tickets to to the workload could be like adding chainsaws to the grapefruits and watermelons that are already in the air.


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23 hours ago, nakos said:

But we want fruit salad.

The variety of "fruit salad" you get from the addition of chainsaws has a strong taste of lubricating oil.  Please be advised that this is not like salad oil and no matter how much vinegar you add to the oil it's still gonna taste like something that has spent the last 10,000 miles riding around in a crankcase.

In addition, this variety of "fruit salad" makes no distinction between the "fruity bits" and the less palatable [and often indigestible to the point of causing gastric distress] "rind and skin" bits.


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Ron's comment is around 21:00.  He says something like "Tickets go on sale next week.... I'm kind of making that up.... but they have to go on sale very soon..." 


So, IMO, not a real solid answer there to be holding your breath for. 



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14 minutes ago, Clearman said:

I hate to be that guy, but I'm wondering if we'll see ReaperCon tickets this week.  Now that it's May, we're under 4 months away.


Hopefully there will be some good news on Reaper Live tonight.


I remember when they went on sale in late February for a May ReaperCon. :rolleyes:

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12 hours ago, Tmac2200 said:

After hearing about the contents of the VIP swagbag, I am wondering what the VIP tickets will cost. What did they cost last year?

Reapercon 2018 VIP pass was $125

They mentioned in the feed 2019 might be $175


Forgot I bought extra VIP bundle. See official answer below.

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1 minute ago, MadMan430 said:

Can anyone tell me when ReaperCon 2019 tickets will go on sale, please?  I keep going to the web page and it still says that they are coming soon.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Based on the latest ReaperLive, should be very, very soon.

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