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Let’s Make … Five times unlucky or: (not) KD:M minis into NieR Automata style figures

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I hope it's acceptable I post this here.


All of us are double-crossed from time to time. Life is mean. Life is hard.


In my case, it was later. To be precise: Late enough so I couldn’t do anything against it anymore.


I have been a fan of the Kingdom Death minis ever since I knew they existed. I love the anime design and the anime poses and … errr … kyonyuu.



Anyway: Some time ago I came to know that I could buy single figures instead of the whole bunch and a friend, who owns REAL Kingdom Death minis – and I mean the old resin ones, not the new hard plastic stuff – recommended me to buy some to see if I would get along with the tiny and breakable resin bits. So I said yes. Did it. Went to EBay and checked. Hell, were they expensive.

I was so disappointed and stopped looking, but a few days later I got some miniatures recommended and went back to EBay finding Kingdom Death Minis for a reasonably low price. The seller had mainly perfect reviews and just a few mentioned “recast” and said, that there is nothing special about it. So I thought: Ah, those have to be the recasts my friend spoke of. Yeah. But the recast he meant was a new batch of KDM figures – not piracy ones. I have to admit: I didn’t check it. I bought five figures. 25 Euros, no shipping costs and when they arrived, the first impression was great. I was impressed … until I tried to assemble the first one and her parts crumbled underneath my fingers.

I went to my friend and showed him the figures. He told me the whole thing and I was pissed. Especially because conducting a reverse transaction in such a case in Germany can be … weird some times. Not enough damage done … can’t do anything … on your own … much more money and time lost … I had that before. So I took it as “lessons learned” and put those figures away, buying the hard plastic ones from KDM Website instead … But that’s another story.



A few days ago I was at hangout with the lovely, wonderful and talented @Cyradis (of course not as lovely, wonderful and talented as I am, but still a great person) and she suggested something to me I had lost over the pressure of the last few years of trying to get back into painting: Do something I like and enjoy. Maybe something that doesn’t mean much to me but is perfect for getting back into painting and all that stuff. (Something I try since two years and normally always get the same, NOT HELPFUL reactions of either practice more or take a break ... <_<).

And when I went to my new apartment and unpacked all the miniatures there, I finally found those few figures. They were cheap, they wouldn’t be much of a loss if something went wrong, but most of them were damaged or unfished.

So I thought: Why not make something out of them … creat something new. That moment it struck me: I had been a fan of the NieR franchise and last year in Japan I bought some of the Artworks of NieR: Automata. So I went through those and checked on the internet, deciding, I would make some RPG miniatures out of them … YorHa style.







Well then … Let’s start!

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here we go again ...


Currently the first three figures are under construction.




The first figure I found to fit to the character of Kaine from the first NieR game. I first thought to do some major refits of her dress and the body to make her fit into the YorHa theme, but ... I think that's less of an effort and will work as well ... too bad I had that idea after I bandaged her eyes ...






And this is my version so far:




The second one will be a version of a generic Combat or executioner model, somewhere between 2B and 7E






And my version:




And the third one will be inspired by infamous A2, a rouge combat android:




and my version:




Including her ripped and torn apart clothes:



So far ... so good. Let's see what I can make out of it ...





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Time to continue our little NieR Automata skirmish group.


As always, I took some time to enjoy the wonderful work of @TaleSpinner and draw some inspiration from it. That ultimately lead to a quite productive day on my side. Should have done some housework instead ... but who cares?


Kaine has made a little progress, but she now got her ribbons - which is most important, I assume.






Our combat android finally got the aft side of her dress as well as the cover for her neck and breast.






And our rogue android got her messed up undies and suspender ... wait ... what did I just say? I meant OF COURSE the remnants of her undergarments ... I don't know what you guys think now ...








Then I started the other two:






Have to correct the folds and her boobs. They look uneven. Quite small as well. Unusual for me. But that's okay. She's a second rank.


I really like this one:





She looks a bit like a really nice picture of A2 cutting her hair ...

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Back again for some more smooth sailin' ...


Lately the project got a little halted by the fact that some of the weapons broke, hands crumbled and I was pretty pissed.


So I looked around, checking for alternatives. I didn't find any. So I asked some people in a German forum for assistance, asking for a sword or two, but was rejected.


But I am not that easily dishearted, so when @aku-chanposted some updates on recent KD:M works ->check here<- I decided to ask if there was a sword left or two, to which aku-chan replied.


"Hm - I think maybe I have got a sword left or so. I'll have a look later, but I don't know, as I already got rid of most of the stuff I didn't need."

'errr - oh, noooo!' "Yeah well, anything would help."

"Hm - I found a few swords. Do you need any other stuff?"

"If you don't want it, I take it."

"Nah, would get rid of it anyways. Gimme your address."

"Sure! Cool, thanks!"


And the package arrived yesterday evening. Opened it and thought: Really now? Are you serious? I asked for a sword or two, and I got this:








Err - wow! You just equipped my whole army with new heady, hands and stuff. Thank you so much!


Which triggered my itchy fingers and I continued working on the group.


The combat YorHa got her hand:




And I did some work on her cleavage.




The second YorHa fighter got her sword, but as Combat androids don't use flaming swords, maybe I will use the flaming effect to do some kind of "materializing" effect.




Then I repaired her hands:




Worked on the backside of the rogue android - and no, that's not a camel toe - I just slipped with the sculpting knife. I will correct that later.




And she also got some more cothes on.




For Kaine I did some work on the swords.




And I found a solution for her ribbon: Just did some small ribbons as if she tied it together. Nice!




And our executor:


Fixed her bust and did some work on the cleavage and her neck area.






Then I started to work on her right shoulder part:






And that's it for now. I'll continue tomorrow. Currently thinking about how I get boots on the feet of the first YorHa android. All the boots I create look more like she's somewhere in Antarctica.


Any ideas?

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All the girls got their bases now.












Then the weapons of our Kaine character are under construction.




And 2B gets the first part of her hair ... yay!




Soon the first figure will be done and ready.

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That's where we are now:


The next two figures are now glued to their bases






And this one is finished, I think ... though I think I will redo her eyes cover. I don't like it.








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On 1/19/2019 at 3:09 PM, SisterMaryNapalm said:

Currently thinking about how I get boots on the feet of the first YorHa android. All the boots I create look more like she's somewhere in Antarctica

They're looking great so far! 


I'm not much at sculpting, but for tight anime boots I would imagine putting a sole line around the feet and filling in any toe gaps, and then blending very thin threads of green stuff into boot tops wherever around the legs they should be, would work better than encasing the leg and foot.


I.e., don't sculpt boots, just sculpt over the parts of the legs that can't be mistaken for boots. 


Maybe some leather wrinkles at the ankles and back of the knees.

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A long, long time ago, I can still remember

How I posted some unpainted minis here ...


Time to change that.


Started to work on one of the ladies.


Current status:









Time to dry!




More to come.


Good night!


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Half past 11.


This is what my desk looks like at the moment.




No - not that side - the other one:


I made a bit of progress. Worked on her stockings, prepared some highlights and continued shading. Ruined her cleavage in the process a bit. Will fix it tomorrow. I am tired now. Good night!










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    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Haven't posted this little project here until now, because I was too lazy to translate it and on top of that not sure if it was too much skin or not enough,
      so I first had to browse through other pieces of KDM work to check if it was okay.
      Found the exact same picture of one of my references, so I thought: Okay - I can try to translate it now.
      After my surprisingly effective try to paint skin on this fellow (check ->here<-) I thought: Why not try and replicate the result on another figure. So I browsed through my pile of shame and found a KDM miniature with barely any clothes on her. So I thought: What perfect way to train smooth transitions.
      So after wiping off the dust and priming her ...


      I started working on the base layers and first shadows.




      After I had applied some more shadows and highlights, I noticed I had defined the thin red line between the muscles of her thigh a bit too strong ...

      And in the process of painting her feet, I somehow lost her toes - Oh, my god!




      So while I was working on the other parts of her body and slowly building up the paint, I tried to work on her right thigh and on her right foot and get back the definition of the toes.
      So after a full day of recovery operations, I finally had a look at my corrections and was surprised ...

      In the end I had undone all my previous work and recreated the wrong transition ...

      But I found the toes! Yay!

      The outlining was a bit too strong, so I had to correct that as well ...

      But I managed to make her skin surprisingly smooth.

      In the end, I had to repaint the whole muscle section I worked on for a long time.
      But now she's got beautiful buns and thighs
      buns and thighs
      Time for me to map out the other body parts ... making progress. Wonderful!




      And while I am fighting her skin, Rhini took a reference book for NMM (In German, I used this to joke about metal painting rhinos - but unfortunately this only work in German)

      But ... to be honest. I have no idea how I have to paint her dagger. I really don't know. I've got to think about it. I've painted NMM only once - it was okay, but not enough to make me feel safe doing it.
      Well ... we will see.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Yes! We can do it again! Let's make a tank! Let's make a beautiful tank!
      Once again, it's a diorama project based on a game scene, once again, it's Combat Mission.
      In this particular diorama, the commander of a Panzer III M is a reallylucky  person. In a shootout during the Let's Play of German wargaming channel "TaktikfuchsTV", his Panzer III got hit around 20-25 times, prompting everyone to believe that this particular tank was dead. And I mean ... DEAD!
      But to everyone's surprise, the crew reentered the vehicle and drove away - going like:

      Here's the scene:
      Kauder reenters his tank (In German)
      So I got me a commanders figure and a tank ...
      First off, some pictures to see what this project will look like:







      So I got me a Panzer III from Tamiya and started to do some minor conversions ... and over the course of one afternoon, this vehicle was finished.


      I am really proud of those selfmade smoke launchers.


      The vehicle will be displayed with open hatches. That's a challenge due to the really lame interior, but that's not a problem. I'll use colors to make the less detailed parts dark and the detailed parts white - I hope that will work!
      Tomorrow I'll go over the armor and do the shell damages. The only thing I am not certain about is the frontal armor provided by the spare tracks.
      I don't know how those look when they are hit. They are pretty massive and I simply cannot imagine them looking the same way as a normal armor plate when hit.
      I've got to dig deeper into it.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      So, after quite some time, it's time to present some minis again. This time it's a group of Forge Worlds Death Korps of Krieg soldiers.
      Those are a few prototype miniatures for a friends Imperial Guard army. If he likes the paintjob, we'll do them all in this pattern.




      Oh, yeah - and just in case anyone goes "nice" or "awesome" or "excellent" again - HE'S WATCHING YOU.

      If you really don't have got anything else to say, leave me a "like" instead. I take a "like" as a nod to my participation in this forum. A "nice" is getting me nowhere.
      So long.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      And here we go again. I never get tired trying out new stuff and doing multiple projects at the same time.
      The idea for this one approached me when I watched a Let's Play series by German Let's Player "DerHobbygeneral", who playes complex strategy games on PC.
      That certain series was a mission in the strategy game "Combat Mission: Red Thunder", a game set on the Eastern Front of WWII. The mission is the recreation of the tank battle between German and Russian forces in the opening hours of Operation Bagration, the Soviet 1944 summer offensive that managed to crush the German Central Army and push the Germans back to the borders of East Prussia.
      Combat Mission itself is a really complex game, simulating not only realistic projectile trajectories, armor and penetration calculation, but also randomly generating names for unit leaders and therefore emotionally connecting the player to his - or her - units.
      One of these commanders was Unterfeldwebel Austermann, commandeering a Kpfw V Panther A, and throughout the game one of the main factors in stopping the Soviet tank assault at Studienka. The player and all commentators remarked on his excellent performance in the game and he became something like a meme. There were even suggestions of making a compilation of his best actions as some kind of memorial service in case he bit the dust.
      And actually, a few episodes later, the Panther got hit a couple of times and was rendered inoperable. A shell even penetrated the front armor. While the battle for Studienka was raging, everyone focused on the question if Austermann and his crew would survive. And they did! What a remarkable turn in events! But I felt bad for the Panther, which was left behind.
      Here's the scene - it's in German, unfortunately.
      Then it struck me that maybe Austerman felt bad, too, and when I saw a certain figure on a miniature shop website, I KNEW I was going to make a diorama about it. So I bought a couple of figures and a cheap old Panther A kit and ... now I am on a new project again - YAY!

      I haven't decided which crew I take. I like both sets, but I guess I will go with the Dragon set. The other set can be used for a different project. But I guess, I will see once the overall layout is set.
      Let's go!
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      This thread is something ... different from other works I have been done.
      I guess it's not entirely in accordance to the board rules, so you may forgive me and accept my humble bundle of roses, choclate and other stuff that will easy your severely upset minds.
      When I am in the mood, I am doing so many speed builds up to the point of painting (means assembly, basing and priming), that making them all into different threads I would flood the forum with an unnecessary number of threads.
      So I will keep this limited to the building process of my different tabletop figures, armies and stuff and transfer the finished figures to their respective painting threads.
      What's on the table at the moment?
      Watchful I Studios
      28mm Chinese Army Deal (around 100 figures and equipment)
      Warlord Games
      56 Soviet Russians (winter) (making M into F)
      Raging Heroes
      Sisters of Eternal Mercy: 10x Sisters and 10 Flying Sister plus some support units
      Andrea Miniatures
      1x Female Warrior (upgrading her to be a Chinese Warrior Woman)
      Creature Caster
      1x Tree Walker
      Flames of War
      Fallschirmjäger-Kompanie + Support Weapons
      4x Battlefront StuG 3G
      1x Plastic Soldier Company StuG 3G

      Corvus Belli
      A lot of Aleph miniatures
      What's done and ready to be painted?
      Flames of War
      1x Fallschirmjäger-Zug (9 units)
      1x Fallschirmjäger Kompanieführung (HQ) - different Units and support weapons.
      Warlord Games
      - 18 German Fallschirmjäger
      - 10 German Panzergrenadiere
      Mantic Games:
      Kings of War Succubi Regiment (20 Succubi)
      CP Models:
      Andrea Miniatures
      1x Female Paladin
      1x Naga Warrior
      1x Gunmaid
      Corvus Belli
      Some Aleph miniatures
      Watchful I Studios
      28mm Chinese Army Deal (15 figures)
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