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Crowley's Dreadmere: Mercenaries

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Somehow I ended up with 2 sets of 03793: Townsfolk of Dreadmere: Mercenaries (3) by Bob Ridolfi, and another on the way with Bones 4. Figured these 3 (x2) would be a good set to start the year with. 


After a good wash and scrub, they were glued onto the last of my round Reaper bases (really like this style base) and proceed with Reaper brush on white primer. I then used Tanned Shadow and Ruddy Flesh for their faces and hands.IMG_20190105_171635.thumb.jpg.9f9b566a6affb271fb3ce46177d83818.jpg


Then used a variety of browns plus muddy Olive and burgundy wine, Black and linen white... IMG_20190105_194300__01.thumb.jpg.24a808364d35e88f8539acb75207f57e.jpg

Purple guy thinks he's extra fancy



One of these two has their beanie baby collection in their satchel.



Mr Jedi with an ax to grind amuses me.


More to come!

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4 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Whoa - how did you get those bases in Yellow and blue? 

You're off to a good start. 

They were available as freebies at ReaperCon a few years back. They had ziplock bags of random bases in various colors. 


And thanks!

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Picking up from where I left off, I spent most of my time cleaning up the sloppy blocking in I'd done.




I also went and hit a bunch of little details. There are just enough on these guys to really bring out their personality, without overwhelming them. Above you can see how the straps, belts, and sheaths have all been painted or blocked in, and the boots are all painted as well. While I was at it I should have painted the bases...




Because you can sort of see the white under the flock... Thankfully the addition of MOAR FLOCK seems to mostly deal with that issue. 




I think I managed to give them all a fair bit of personality, and even different personalities between the same mini.




The metal was all painted with either Aged Pewter or Dragon Bronze, and in general I tried to make it so that what was bronze on one version of the mini was pewter on the other.


While none of them will win any contests, they're done and I'm thrilled with how they came out.

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