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Mori Learns Sculpting Part 2!

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I do like the idea of a smaller breed of griffin sort of bred for companionship and as a hunting ally. I mean it's hardly fair to compare a full grown grey wolf to a Pomeranian but they share ancestry.

My advice: Sculpt it sized well compositionally with your main figure and don't fret about how canonical it is with other figures out there. 

Griffin size aside, I love the flow and action you're getting even in these early stages. I love that you are tackling ethnic differences and it seems like you've found some key features to really communicate that well. I don't believe you for a second that you can't sculpt as small as you want (I've seen your tiniest figure).

Are you already considering basing/display elements? If so, have you worked out your overall composition yet? Will this be mainly used as a game piece or as a show piece or are you wanting to do both with it? Will she need a flying base to support the pose you've chosen?or are you considering building up elements on a standard base to support the pose?


Sorry for the 20 questions, she looks great and I'm excited to see it progress!

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13 hours ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:

Sorry for the 20 questions, she looks great and I'm excited to see it progress!


No no, I love your 20 questions! I'm always up for sculpting critique. <3 


Okaaaay, we know I could sculpt that tiny, now that I've done it once already. But this will be my first time sculpting feathers; I don't want to go too wild.


I think your suggestion to sculpt to the composition is an excellent one. I'm happy with their general poses, though I've been tweaking Kiara a bit as I am underpinning. I haven't made the armature for Tierney yet since I haven't settled on his size.





Are you already considering basing/display elements? If so, have you worked out your overall composition yet? Will this be mainly used as a game piece or as a show piece or are you wanting to do both with it? Will she need a flying base to support the pose you've chosen?or are you considering building up elements on a standard base to support the pose?


.. Aaaaahhh. See, this is one of the many reasons I appreciate you. :lol: I just make stuff. 


- I haven't.

- Kind of...? I want them attacking in the same direction, but I wouldn't be opposed to them leaping away to different offscreen targets if it looked better.

- She's going to be my sculpting entry for ReaperCon so I can bug all the sculptors :D but she'll ultimately be my gaming piece.

- I was hoping that I could run a wire through Tierney's very fluffy and feathery tail to the ground as support, but if it looks better with him farther off the ground, I could build off and out from her arm or something.




Green stuff is so weeeeird. I like that it doesn't crumble on me though. My polymer clays all crumble.


I've gotten a bit farther with underpinning - she has some vaguely shaped legs and hips now - but I made her hips too big again haha. Always with the pelvis and hips. I like sculpting them and I get carried away. She'll be leaning forward a bit more too, but I keep messing with those wires and I don't want to touch them anymore.


We're moving next weekend so progress will be slow!


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I liiiive! We still have a ton to unpack, but I've got my sculpting corner all set up. I'll post again later once I've got it decorated!



Of course, Kai has immediately tried to use all sorts of tactics to get inside this cat-free room.



And this is my test sizing for Tierney. I shoved a bunch a little metal bits into a lump of clay to make his wings and legs but they kept falling off LOL. So here's a phone scribble. I think a little bit smaller? He might be okay. His body size seems to be fine but those wings!! So much space!




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photo sizing
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Love the new space!!! I think you're right, the figures seem to flow well together but the wing size is making it compete with the main figure. I think you should decide what you want your main focal point to be and build everything else to support that. Excited to see this coming together!!

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My nice, neat sculpting corner has exploded. It's like an "I Spy" page.



I've been working really hard on my love's secret birthday present this past month so I haven't been able to post about it!


There's just so much to doooooo!

- Husband's present (probably my entry)

- Finish Kiara and Tierney (I'll enter them if I finish in time)

- Resculpt my antlers


I've been making sensible lists with appropriate amounts of work for each day so I don't mess up my hands too much. We'll see if i get it all done in time, but I'll be fine if his birthday present is my entry and I keep taking my time on Kiara. :)


The birthday WIP link is here.

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2 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

Wasn't his birthday yesterday?


yeeeEEESSS.... Yes. Yes, it was. :lol:


It was going to be a surprise reveal at ReaperCon. It's pretty iconic to him so he'd immediately find it in the display area, but finances/vacation time mean that it's just me going now.


He also worked from home for a week which was so much fun. BUT it meant I couldn't work on it for a whole week haha! Since there won't be a reveal at ReaperCon and I lost a week of time, I showed him my current progress on his birthday. He's pretty excited about it. :wub:



1 hour ago, GHarris said:

A cat free room? What madness is this? 


But seriously I love your space!


Mostly! I'm so excited to have my own art space. A dream into reality! So far I have let our inquisitive one, Kai, in once every two weeks. Once he realizes it's the exact same as before, he meows his approval at me and prances out.

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Okay. Kiara and Tierney's progress! I ran out of words with my Murloc post, so have lots of photos and yelling!


I got to hang out with @Rainbow Sculptor's family for a few days earlier this month! :wub:



She made me explain all my art choices for Kiara and it was really difficult! But it was awesome!

My baby is all grown up for the sake of design... ::o: I used a wire to figure out the main curves and size of the griffin first before continuing.



I tried some of her super squishy clay. It photographs terribly but it was much easier on my hands to sculpt.



This was a BAD IDEA. Follow Andy's sword/feather advice instead of this mess. :lol:



Back at home: Okay, Tierney. If you wanted to have giant wings getting in the way of Kiara's face, fine. GET READY. FLY, MY CHILD.


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Quick sidetrack: Antlers! I badly needed to remake my antlers last year but just couldn't get around to it.

I spent a few hours remaking them this week! Here's a quick overview on how I made them for the folks who like to ask, they're super cheap to make. ^_^



  • Headband
  • Wire 22ga/clothes hanger
  • Spray foam
  • Knife to cut foam
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper + water + glue for paper mache
  • Air dry clay if you want extra details
  • Craft paint


  1. Draw out horn shape. Use references if you'd like!
  2. Bend wire into shape. I've also directly attached them to a headband here.
  3. Twist the wire for strength and stability. antler_1.thumb.jpg.a62648d32331c663db1bf025001cc508.jpg

  4. I wrapped the headband in a paper towel and masking tape to protect it from step 5....
  5. Spray insulation! This used to be the big cosplay thing. I think most folks have moved on to worbla and then EVA foam, but this is cheap. :)

  6. Let it sit overnight to cure. Be afraid of the monstrosity you have created.
  7. Use a knife to start cutting down your large shapes. I have fallen in love with this kind of sculpting "into" things, rather than building up.
  8. Finished shape! The best part about this is if you cut too far, you can always spray a bit more and repeat the last couple steps.

  9. Cover the foam in masking tape for durability.
  10. Cover that with paper mache for durability and a better painting surface (I used half glue, half water).
  11. I used green stuff on the tips for extra durability because I tend to knock myself into things. :lol:

  12. I forgot to smooth out the paper mache with smaller newspaper bits... So I covered everything in Apoxie Sculpt for smoothness and details (a more expensive but not necessary step if you're going for speed and low cost).
  13. I used craft paint to brush dark brown at the base to pale yellow-white at the tips. I dry-brushed brown and beige over the base. Antlers!
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I worked on Kiara today and yesterday. As usual, the red and green together are impossible to photograph.


Hands are something I've struggled with because I never found wire thin enough. Rainbow sculptor gave me some of her picture hanging wire, which I thought was brilliant. It's a bunch of little wires twirled together! I clipped some off, twisted 5 of them together very tightly.... and wasn't quite sure what to do next.


I ended up with this hilarious cyborg look. :lol:

I spoke to her later and she said that she clips 5 wires, sticks them in a blob of putty, and lets that cure before making the hands.

I am glad that it works for her, but that's way too many tiny bits for my fingers to get around. I think that next time, I will twirl 5 wires together for the entire length of both arms and the shoulders. Even though I clipped all but 1 wire to wrap around the upper arm, the upper arm is still too thick and I still had to fight with it.




I added a fabric "tail" because I thought it would be cute to match her gryphon!

Bottom left photo: I tried the cut on the right because I thought the diagonals would give me more freedom in twirling the tail around. It was too weak and stretched oddly.

I used the cut on the left and then used pliers to push the points in. This was much stronger because I had 2 solid lengths of wire all the way down.


The top right photo has a little blob of green stuff between the hand and sword. After this cures, I can finish the hands.

I decided not to make my own sword because a clear one would let me have super fun glowy effects!


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It's been hard to get much done with life stuff going on, but we keep on truckin'.




I tried to practice fur in clay, but I was really struggling with it. Of course when I didn't want it to stick, it stuck. ::P: So I scrubbed off what I could, baked it, and added the fluffier bits with green stuff. I used the other leg for more practice. I was unsuccessful with that one too, but there's still more body to practice on!



I drew out the wing shape I wanted, cut it out of some wire mesh, and greenstuffed it onto the body. I ended up clipping the big wire. It just didn't feel right.



I decided to sculpt the tail feathers one layer at time instead of trying to put each one on individually.

You can barely see my previous attempt below the right wing. It wasn't great so I shaved most of it off.

Top left: Smoosh some clay on there and smooth it out.

Top right: Continue smoothing and create your feather edges by stairstepping your way down, pushing down further for each feather.

Bottom left: I made the shaft of the feather by pressing down around where I wanted it to be. It was much easier than trying to make little clay noodles to press on.

Bottom right: This is how I angled my tool for the flat edges, and laid it flat for the shafts.



More feathers! I tried a few different ways for the feather indentations. Most felt too "cut in" to me.

A friend suggested using a blunt tool, so I'm going to try that next!

After I baked a layer, I repeated the same steps to make the next layer of feathers, and then the next!

It gets hard to see really fast haha!


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    • By Morihalda
      I had to change the title since apparently "March of the Murlocs" is already a thing in the current game. And I was so proud of the name, too!
      My husband loves his gift (the biggest and bestest success!!!) but it would have been great if my painting for my ReaperCon entry wasn't so awful two years in a row.
      All the details, rambling love stories, and modding/creation details are in my WIP thread here!


    • By Morihalda
      Hey all! I've been working hard on my husband's surprise birthday present. It was going to be a surprise reveal at ReaperCon, but finances/vacation time mean that it's just me going now. But since I told him about it, that means I get to make a WIP thread! Yay!

      I grabbed these really cool "Deep Ones Mutant Fishmen" by RAFM out of the Box of Goodwill a couple years ago. He accidentally saw them so I've had to wait until I was sure he forgot about them, haha. Oops.
      When we were teens and couldn't meet up, we spent most nights online together. A lot of that time was spent in WoW. With Classic coming out, I thought it would be the perfect time to get these little guys done! He's always loved murlocs and even built entire decks around them in Hearthstone, so I decided to make them based off of cards I've seen him use the most.
      Top: Original minis.
      Bottom: Prepped and repositioned for modding. Arms, fingers, toes, and bases were chopped off. The middle one needed a lot of bending to look natural. One lost his head. They all lost their noses....

      I don't have WIP photos because this was a SECRET.
      They all got little spines drilled and sculpted on, buttcapes, little details like crab and tentacle armor. The reading one got a little "nightlight." I painted the Hearthstone cards before sculpting the head so I could actually reach the book. 

      (This is a HUGE photo if you right click -> open link in new tab. I couldn't make it wider in the thread.)
      I did keep a photo of the angler underpinned head because he looked so happy!! What a cutie! This might be my avatar someday.

      The warleader's sword was made with Apoxie Sculpt for the base and Green Stuff details. I accidentally made it too smooth(?!) because I really struggled to get any GS to stick. That meant I couldn't do the multiple layers I wanted.

      I also made some terrain on a whim. The little huts are pretty iconic to him so I knew he'd immediately find it in the display area! I drew out the sizes I wanted, cut some baked sticks to size, and doused everything in appropriate amounts of superglue and hotglue. The hut top was made with a ball of foil with Apoxie Sculpt. Once it was mostly cured, I removed the ball and smoothed the inside and outside with more clay. Once it's painted, I'll use long grass to mimic the hay. I still need to add little jars, skulls, lanterns, treasure chest, etc.

      Lastly - the cards themselves!
      These card images were pulled from the Hearthstone Wiki and I added some short, awful descriptions.
      Top left: Underbelly Angler. Play a murloc, you get another murloc. He loves this one. This is Booklight!
      Top right: Toxfin. He can destroy most cards in a single hit. He's the one with the stinky fish.
      Bottom left: Warleader. Your other murlocs have bonus attack. Big sword guy!
      Bottom right: Soul of the Murloc. When your murlocs die, they come back with 1 health, 1 attack. He giggles so much when he plays this. It doesn't look unique, but I think I'll use the ghostly scheme on the Warleader. I don't know if I can do that yet!

      Tomorrow I'll be making the little bits and bobs. Hopefully I can arrange all the terrain on Thursday, prime Friday, and be painting next week!
    • By Morihalda
      Several friends helpfully pointed out that before I started throwing wild ideas at Ma'al's base, I should probably practice them somewhere else first. That base is on my February list, so I gotta get practicing!
      - Completely covered giant base.
      - No integrated parts. I chopped 'em off.
      - Water with a "live" edge!
      - The first dragon I owned, blessed upon me by my first Box of Goodwill group, and a perfect fit for a Silversage dragon.
      - Plain, round, smaller base.
      - Rocks from his original base are staying.
      - Probably no water.
      - He's just plain cool. He's gonna be my Boelen's python!
      I used PVA glue to put the cork together, and hot glued everything to the bases. Thank you for your sacrifices, peanut butter and pickle lids!

      I fell in love with Paepercut's youtube channel after @Clearman mentioned it in my Ma'al thread. Y'all. That guy is SO COOL. The vast majority of the things I'll be doing here are from his videos. And if I don't think they are, they probably still are because I'm forgetful like that.   Onward!
      Actually. Onward in a little bit. I gotta go check out the nearest store and see if they have distilled water for the next steps. Be right back!
    • By Morihalda
      I live! I spent January making lots of little art that piqued my interest to get back into making art frequently again!
      I painted a friend's Heroforge mini. It's quite grainy compared to metal minis but goodness, has it gotten so much better. I also have a rough camera adding additional graininess. It's hard to see here, but the vast majority of his robes are in Leather White. Pure White was only used for the extreme highlights, like on the potion bottle. The red also has green in the shadows. I'm learning!

      I painted our entire set of the Secret Weapon Tablescapes Dungeons and Mines tiles!
      This was an in progress photo. I realized the moment after I packed everything perfectly back into the boxes that I didn't get a completed photo.

      Some finished pieces before repacking them up. Bless this sculptor, y'all. I drybrushed my way through all this while rewatching the Office and everything looks heckin' great because of these amazing textures!

      I painted the new Bones Black Owlbear. I had to give it antlers, of course! This was a fun accidental exercise in almost monochrome. It's all purple but I intentionally chose some blue purples and red purples. The darkest color used was Nightshade Purple and the brightest was Snowdrift White. There's more variation in the white but I struggle with this camera phone. I'm really liking how solid it feels but I haven't tried testing it the way they tested the original Bones at conventions. :) 

      It also made for a really pretty palette!

      Lastly (though it was the first in the timeline), I sewed some velvet bags for our new favorite game, The Quacks of Quedlinburg. I think it helped me get back into my art groove because I got excited about a thing, wanted to make something related to it, and already had the skills for it. I wanted it and I got it!

      They're not stellar photos, but a cheap lightbox certainly brought this camera up to mediocre. 

    • By Morihalda
      Alternative Title:
      How Morihalda Achieved Maximum Distraction from 14 Other WIP Threads: A Story.
      Chapter One
      6 November. My husband and I went on a date to the museum. We always have so much fun there and learn so many new things! I saw an absolutely gorgeous snake and thought, "Wow, that would be an excellent dragon pattern. OH WOW Ma'al could be five different reptile patterns!!" I'd been wanting to do a skeletal or blacklight theme for him for forever, but I decided those would be better suited on a smaller dragon.
      I spent some time that night researching snakes, lizards (and the occasional amphibian), and habitats before settling on some patterns. I spent a few more hours cleaning up mold lines and convincing myself that I don't need to resculpt these perfect heads!

      Red - Fire Skink
      Black - Lace Monitor
      Green - Green Iguana
      Blue - Blue Tree Monitor
      White - Blue tongue Skink
      Body - Fire Skink
      This Boelen's Python didn't make the cut since I settled on lizards, but look at that good son! He's going to be my black dragon one day. 

      The red fire skink will be inspiration for both the red head and body. It has so many amazing colors that will help bring all the faces together. I'm thinking the wings will be muted on the underside to match the black and white heads and more fire skink on the top. This means the black and white heads need to be the middle level heads - there's a beautiful curve from them leading to each wing.
      My tentative color blocking. Good enough for an art gallery, yeah? ;)

      Chapter Two
      7 November. I spent over three hours this afternoon pinning, gluing, and green stuffing specific sections. The wing gaps and one of the legs are pretty rough, but the head scales perfectly cover the neck scales! Almost like it was planned.  
      Chapter Three
      8 November. I am still prepping. There is still barely enough done to warrant a forum post. All I have to show you are stabby holes in my hands (yes I will be using a holder/lazy Susan when painting, but I need all the angles while sculpting). Either I got one that was a little uneven or I'm just way more picky than some folks, but I have had a ton of gap filling to do for the legs.
      How did some of you do this in 7 days?! Someone send me rations and supplies to survive!  
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