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Good. Ness. Gracious! I've been busy!   On my last post, she still needed a tree trunk, an arm, both hands, a sword, and a head. I was doing a little bit every day, so nothing really stood o

We'll focus on the left mini for this post. She is a mini for a good friend because she does good things.     I planned to make her with Green Stuff because I was going to be periodically ho

Hi all! Most of the Randomness thread folks noticed that this chatterbox wasn't around much last year. 2018 was spent working on my brain. I think I made a lot of progress so hopefully that means I ge

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On 4/7/2019 at 11:24 PM, Rigel said:

This is fantastic work! Love the posture on Adaya there. 

How did you do that sweet chainmail? Was it a texture stamp, superhuman craftsmanship, or sorcery? 

Thanks! I'm not sure I would explain it very well over text, but I did find this tutorial online that is super similar! 



11 hours ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:

That chainmail looks familiar, did Bob Rodolfi teach you chainmail?!

Yup! That was during our class with him! That means I kinda successfully did it then  :D

I think the chains are a tad big, but I haven't made a nice curvy tool for it yet.

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1 hour ago, Morihalda said:

Thanks! I'm not sure I would explain it very well over text, but I did find this tutorial online that is super similar! 



Yup! That was during our class with him! That means I kinda successfully did it then  :D

I think the chains are a tad big, but I haven't made a nice curvy tool for it yet.


I think Bob taught everyone how to do chain mail, or at least taught those who taught everyone else. :lol:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Good. Ness. Gracious! I've been busy!


On my last post, she still needed a tree trunk, an arm, both hands, a sword, and a head. I was doing a little bit every day, so nothing really stood out for a post. And then she was done..... 


The tree trunk was initially done in Beesputty, but I made some of the roots too little and fragile. I kept the majority of it Beesputty and crumbled off the thinner parts, redoing them in Green Stuff. I was really happy with it and I completely forgot to snap a close up photo.


It took a few attempts to make the giant sword. I combined 50% Apoxie Sculpt and 50% Procreate for a stronger, sandable material. Each time, I did one half of the sword on a very smooth, lubricated surface, let cure, sand, did the other half, let cure, sand....


I finally made one I was happy with, though of course now I see issues with it close up in a photo. :lol: I put the cured blade in a pin vise to sculpt the crossguard(?). I shaped her hand wire into a hook in which the sword can nest. It's removable for safer shipping and so she can paint under it. Her shoulder keeps it from falling down the back and the hook keeps it from lifting up in the front.



Then I spent about 2 weeks working on the head. A new head every day.... These are all done in Beesputty. This is a practice thread so you guys get to see the ugly bits! I still have some dignity, though. You don't get to see my head "attempts" in Procreate. ::P: 



Several times, I made one I could deal with and improve upon, but my hands would get too shaky and I would goof things up, like dropping it on the carpet (the left and center mini are the same face, before and after the carpet) or my thumb brushing up against the face. :( 



Here's Adaya, completed. It's the best I could do last month and I know with practice, I can do better this month. But I do eventually need to mail things out, so she was sent to her new home last Monday! Apart from a couple animals I've done, she is my 3rd finished humanoid!



It's time to start packing for our move, so my sculpting this month will be minimal practicing bits. Hopefully I can get some time in on painting Ma'al and sculpting my Kiara!

Edited by Morihalda
Lost a photo, whoops. Why is the new one uploading so small >_>
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52 minutes ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:

This looks so great!! The posture, expression, textures, just everything. Great job!!

You are so good to me, friend! T_T I know there's a lot I need to work on but I appreciate nice words LOL. It's been a good day so I started working on Kiara's legs and her cute little boots. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Next project of 2019 - Kiara and her little griffon buddy, Tierney.


Kiara is my hexblade warlock that I modeled off of my Guild Wars 2 character, Kiara Foster. She's excellent at hiding her emotions, she's tired of people looking over her (emotionally and physically - she's only 5 feet tall), and she's willing to do almost anything to uncover her family history. If you like to attach music to characters, this song came out the day we started our campaign. It's perfect for her currently unsettled mood, ha. But it's so hard to play her!! It has been super fun to weave between her active story in our campaign and a few bits from her life in GW2, though. Her family history is from her namesake 10 generations ago in Guild Wars 1, Kiara Jihn.


She's Portuguese, so I went for high cheekbones, deep eyes, and wide jawline.

It's hard to portray different ethnicities in most games and at mini scale, but I love this world so I do my best!

Portugal worked out surprisingly well since I was initially going to work off the Iberian montante.



Her solid, defensive pose was nice but I love how aggressively birds dive. I wanted the two of them to be working together, so I dropped the defense and realism and went for "magical throwy sword fun time." I recorded my favorite attack of hers and grabbed a screenshot for the pose. It won't match perfectly since body parts tend to get stretched around to make the animations look good.



It took me about 2 hours for the armature, the too-tiny ribcage (I was running out of putty), and the pelvis. I stuck the extra wire of the right leg into the cork because I figured it would help keep the mini steady while I sculpted. I also need to bend her back at the hips a tiny bit after the putty cures. I hope to get Tierney started this week but it might not happen.



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Holy moly, none of us thought about just how big a griffon is, even a baby.


Based on some minis on hand, I figure I've got a really big fledgling, a juvenile, and an adult sketched out here.


Sculpting immature birds could be fun and headache-inducing with their feathery fluffiness and changing to weird proportions.


I think I'll do the middle one to save me some stress. He'll have larger claws, paws, and bill. Add some fluff....


Edit: Even the middle one looks gigantic next to Kiara. I might do an even smaller fledgling that is just Trying His Best. 

Image result for tiny bird fear me

Text on animal photos.... What year is this?!


Edited by Morihalda
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Maybe Tierney is a Golden Eagle / Bobcat sized Griffon. Where the Golden Eagle’s Head is actual size, the bobcat part is about 18 pounds out of what would be a 40 pound cat, and therefore not arbitrarily Huge™️ DnD size. 

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30 minutes ago, TGP said:



Maybe Tierney is a Golden Eagle / Bobcat sized Griffon. Where the Golden Eagle’s Head is actual size, the bobcat part is about 18 pounds out of what would be a 40 pound cat, and therefore not arbitrarily Huge™️ DnD size. 


That's true! He could be from a species that doesn't get as big as the adult griffon I have. My references for him are falcons for diving, but ravens and panthers for the characteristics. My current issue is that baby size is still huge, and sculpting any smaller will be painful. It's making my head hurt haha.

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5 hours ago, AuralEntropy said:

Some amazing sculpting work. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work. Gives me hope of improving my own skills.


Thank you! That is the point of my thread - we all start somewhere!


I hoped that showing a peek into all the ugly practice it takes to improve an art skill would make some folks feel like it's a bit more of an attainable goal. :)

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    • By Morihalda
      This thread is brought to you by the number 3!

      Table of Contents:
      - Mori Tells a Story: Below
      - Rambling, Part 3: Throughout
      - Mannequin: Completed
      - Kiara: 1: Design, 2: Workflow and Blockout, 3: Finished Blockout,
      - Amaya:
      2020 was STILL spent on my brain and learning, even if my hands wouldn't let me practice it.
      Between my arms getting worse and *gestures broadly in 2020,* that didn't leave much energy for socializing either.
      But now that I have fixed arms, I'm excited to pace myself get my butt into the art chair! Wooo! Nevermind, my arms are still dying and the doctor said I have to pace myself.
      As much as I would like to continue with green stuff sculpting, I just can't sculpt physically as long as I can digitally. So for now, digital practice it is!
      While I couldn't actually *do* anything with the information I learned over the last year and a half, I took tons of notes and tried to reread them when I could.
      I'm happy to list the videos and books if folks are interested. :)
    • By Morihalda
      Wooo! Since I have arms again, I can paint again!
      I know it can be more difficult to get better blends on larger surfaces, but some semblance of brush control seems more important to get back first. That seems easier to do with larger areas first. And I've been dying to work on this piece for years, so it all works out!
      These bookends were a gift from a friend a couple years ago. He was moving across the country and entrusted his more fragile Lord of the Rings pieces to me. I loved it. It's a Weta Workshop/Sideshow Collectible titled, "No Admittance."
      Bookends in their well-loved, gifted state and after a *very* good dusting last week!

      Primed a couple days ago! The weather has been kinda meh for priming so this is the best it's gonna get haha.

      I put some color on this morning! Reaper paints, of course. I grabbed The Hobbit audiobook from my library's app, so I'm very excited to cozy up with a good book and get to painting this winter!

      (Current time excluding prep: 1.5 hours)
      Bah. I'm gonna have to edit this later so Gandalf stays on the right side throughout my photos!
      Edit: You know, I think he looks better on the left. Then you can see both faces properly when turned.
    • By Morihalda
      I apologize for not being on the forums (or doing art) so much lately! Between "2020," a new house, and my arm problems, I lost a lot of drive. Kinda hard to keep up the discipline of practicing and/or enjoying art when you physically can't do it....
      We finally saved up enough to get my right arm looked at in late September. I've only mentioned it a few times, but I've had problems in both hands for several years. I already couldn't do too much each day, but back in March my right elbow began to be in severe daily pain too. I couldn't do anything at all for seven months.
      My doctor listened (!), called for a test that we were able to do right away, and confirmed that I had pinched nerves in both arms. He said it likely happened when I was a kid and that's why I've had all those other misdiagnosed issues for so many years! Within 10 days, he performed the surgery on both elbows.
      I couldn't do anything for another month except pout on the couch LOL but I am finally cleared for all activities again! My hand strength is half of what it should be and it will take some time, but I have a list of exercises to fix that. He also set me up with another doctor who will look at my back problems in a couple weeks. Maybe I'll be able to start running around again too! I miss nature!
      I promised the doctor I would take it slow. But! I'm so excited to be back here with everyone for art and friend time!
      So how are you all holding up?? I've missed well over 400 pages in the Randomness thread!
    • By Morihalda
      I had to change the title since apparently "March of the Murlocs" is already a thing in the current game. And I was so proud of the name, too!
      My husband loves his gift (the biggest and bestest success!!!) but it would have been great if my painting for my ReaperCon entry wasn't so awful two years in a row.
      All the details, rambling love stories, and modding/creation details are in my WIP thread here!


    • By Morihalda
      Hey all! I've been working hard on my husband's surprise birthday present. It was going to be a surprise reveal at ReaperCon, but finances/vacation time mean that it's just me going now. But since I told him about it, that means I get to make a WIP thread! Yay!

      I grabbed these really cool "Deep Ones Mutant Fishmen" by RAFM out of the Box of Goodwill a couple years ago. He accidentally saw them so I've had to wait until I was sure he forgot about them, haha. Oops.
      When we were teens and couldn't meet up, we spent most nights online together. A lot of that time was spent in WoW. With Classic coming out, I thought it would be the perfect time to get these little guys done! He's always loved murlocs and even built entire decks around them in Hearthstone, so I decided to make them based off of cards I've seen him use the most.
      Top: Original minis.
      Bottom: Prepped and repositioned for modding. Arms, fingers, toes, and bases were chopped off. The middle one needed a lot of bending to look natural. One lost his head. They all lost their noses....

      I don't have WIP photos because this was a SECRET.
      They all got little spines drilled and sculpted on, buttcapes, little details like crab and tentacle armor. The reading one got a little "nightlight." I painted the Hearthstone cards before sculpting the head so I could actually reach the book. 

      (This is a HUGE photo if you right click -> open link in new tab. I couldn't make it wider in the thread.)
      I did keep a photo of the angler underpinned head because he looked so happy!! What a cutie! This might be my avatar someday.

      The warleader's sword was made with Apoxie Sculpt for the base and Green Stuff details. I accidentally made it too smooth(?!) because I really struggled to get any GS to stick. That meant I couldn't do the multiple layers I wanted.

      I also made some terrain on a whim. The little huts are pretty iconic to him so I knew he'd immediately find it in the display area! I drew out the sizes I wanted, cut some baked sticks to size, and doused everything in appropriate amounts of superglue and hotglue. The hut top was made with a ball of foil with Apoxie Sculpt. Once it was mostly cured, I removed the ball and smoothed the inside and outside with more clay. Once it's painted, I'll use long grass to mimic the hay. I still need to add little jars, skulls, lanterns, treasure chest, etc.

      Lastly - the cards themselves!
      These card images were pulled from the Hearthstone Wiki and I added some short, awful descriptions.
      Top left: Underbelly Angler. Play a murloc, you get another murloc. He loves this one. This is Booklight!
      Top right: Toxfin. He can destroy most cards in a single hit. He's the one with the stinky fish.
      Bottom left: Warleader. Your other murlocs have bonus attack. Big sword guy!
      Bottom right: Soul of the Murloc. When your murlocs die, they come back with 1 health, 1 attack. He giggles so much when he plays this. It doesn't look unique, but I think I'll use the ghostly scheme on the Warleader. I don't know if I can do that yet!

      Tomorrow I'll be making the little bits and bobs. Hopefully I can arrange all the terrain on Thursday, prime Friday, and be painting next week!
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