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Couple questions from a newb


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I picked up the rule books recently and have been trying out things using paper counters just to learn.


First, is there a more recent errata list?  I have the second printing November 2010 of the Warlord 2E book.  So far all the errata that I have seen here looks to have been fixed.  Forgive me if the following have been answered elsewhere but my searches have not turned up any answers.


In the Pre-Battle Phase, when your suit is drawn do you do every pre-battle action available to your army or do you do a single troop’s pre-battle actions then draw the next card to see what side is next?


There is no troop cohesion rule (must be within x” of another figure in the troop), correct? I see a Discipline Check but nothing else as far as cohesion goes.  Does this mean a troop can be spread across the table without penalty? Personally, I am all for no troop cohesion rules in a skirmish battle game.


Terrain that is larger than 1” but less than 2”, what size is that?  I’ve been thinking size 2 but wanted to be sure.


For a combat action, if I have 3 archers I assume I may move all 3 to where I want them to be and then I can declare the Combat action? Or, do I state what I am going to do, i.e. move then shoot, at the beginning of the troop activation?







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Welcome Michael!


I don't remember all the pre battle phase actions but in our games its each card flip someone places a troop. Once all troops are placed ranger moves take place.


Correct, no troop cohesion with no penalty to spreading out.


Terrain that is weird needs to be defined and agreed upon by all players before the game starts. If you guys call it size 2 then that is what it is.


For action declaring movement can be done at any time and separately. But if you want to shoot (or cast or melee) all of it needs to be declared at the same time. For example, I move archer A, move archer B, declare and resolve shooting for all 3 archers, then move archer C.



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Thanks, @Humansquish !


That clarifies everything quite well!


And I was just reading the quick play file on warlord.miniaturegameworks.com (I assume it is the latest) and it does say 


The player whose suit is drawn may conduct pre-battle Actions with any and all models that may do so. The opposing player then conducts all of their pre-battle Actions.

Also Ranger looks to be the only ability for pre-battle.  At least from me searching the special abilities list.


Thanks again!


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