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New to the table, I have the Shaman Urkin, both versions (in game he has the ability to 'Hulk Out').




Made a start to their skin with a basecoat of 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Dead Skin with Flesh Wash.

Kind of intimidated by the task of carefully highlighting all the skin poking through the tattered clothing of big shaman, so calling it a day.

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Thanks guys!



Finally did a bit more:-




Finished off the skin with highlights of 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Dead Skin and 1:1:1 Dwarf Skin/Dead Skin/Light Skin.




Today, I painted their hair (Stone Grey > Wolf Grey), masks (Leather Brown > Bonewhite > Brown Wash > Bonewhite with Blood Red eyes), and hats (Night Blue, shaded with 1:1 Night Blue/Black, highlighted with 1:1 Night Blue/Ghost Grey and glazed with Night Blue) with Leather Brown stitches, Bonewhite skulls and a (Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > 1:1 Scarlett Red/Red Orange) straps.

I'm leaving the rats for now, waiting until I can do them all in one go.

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Finally made a bit more progress:-






Painted their coats.

The main body of the coat is Hexed Lichen > Black Wash > 3:2 Hexed Lichen/Off-white > Off-white with 7 brushtipfuls of the previous layer > thinned Hexed Lichen glaze (really hoping I don't need to remake any of these mixes). 

The inside, cuffs and collars is 2:1 Scarlett Red/Pure Black > Black Wash > 2:1 Scarlett Red/Pure Black > 2:1:2 Scarlett Red/Pure Black/Ochre Yellow.

They also got Bronze buttons and Cork Brown stitches.


Next up is trousers, I'm going to give pinstripes a try but I'm not sure I have the skillz.

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Made a bit more progress:-




Quickly gave up on the idea of pinstripes, I had an idea how to do it with little shaman but didn't know where to start on big shaman with his ultra-wrinkly trousers.

I'll give it another go in the future, when the trousers aren't so complicated.

These trousers are a base of 2:1 Stone Grey/Pure Black, shaded with Black Wash, highlighted with Stone Grey and 3:1 Stone Grey/Wolf Grey and glazed with some thinned Stone Grey. 

Big shaman got a Lonestar Leather belt with a Bronze buckle, little shaman got the same but on his shoes.


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Got into a bit of a weird mood last week, and wasn't going to finish the thread, but still took some piccys just in case, so quite a bit of progress to go over:-




Painted up their breathing apparatus.

The barrels are Parasite Brown > Brown Wash > 1:1 Parasite Brown/Ochre Yellow, there's Brassy Brass connectors and Andrea Blue tubes.

Big Shaman also got some Sick Green tubes.




Painted up their staff/axe/thingamajigs.

The handles are Parasite Brown > Brown Wash > 1:1 Parasite Brown/Ochre Yellow, Oily Steel gear blades, the bones and skulls are 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite > Brown Wash > Bonewhite, the wraps and things are Cork Brown, and the potion bottles have a Light Green bottom half, a Wolf Grey top half, Off-white highlights and Cork Brown corks (I was trying something new here and only do half full bottles, because they are all at weird angles, but I don't think it worked, it's hard to highlight Wolf Grey).




Painted their (very out-of-focus) hand puppets.

Robes = Magic Blue, face and hands = Squid Pink, mouth = Scarlett Red, hat = 1:1 Pure Black/Stone Grey, buttons = Bronze. Then an all over Black Wash, then I re-applied the base colours.

Big Shaman also got some Leather Brown straps holding the puppet to his arm.


Just got the rats to do.

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