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Live link: Hyperspace, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petersengames/hyperspace





From the email blast about the launch in a little over a week:


Preview Hyperspace Now
Watch our New Preview Video - See what lies beyond the furthest reaches of the Galaxy, and be prepared to fight for your very existence.
The Future is Upon Us...The official Petersen Games HYPERSPACE Kickstarter countdown is underway!

Each week you will sample a new character from the game, and watch the game's features unfold. Follow Aurora Ultraviolet, space traveler deluxe as she travels the galaxy, encountering aliens of every hue, seeking to understand them.

PLUS, Check out the gallery of characters from Aurora Ultraviolet's travels on our website! CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY

You will want to scroll to the "Twenty Five Alien Civilizations" banner and then click on the Civilization Portrait from the gallery on the left side. Behind each portrait you will learn about the character, plus see the concept art and turntables.
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Post link to the live Kickstarter page

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1 minute ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

Mr. Petersen will be welcome to more of my money when I have my latest Cthulhu Wars delivery.  Until then I will watch his great projects from afar.

Last I heard is that shipping will be starting in the next couple of weeks.


As for Hyperspace, I have been playtesting it and think it might beat out Cthulhu Wars as my favorite game. It is a solid 4x game without an upkeep cycle and it plays in something like two hours. It is elegant and tons of fun!

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An Asymmetric Game of Interstellar Conquest

Sandy made his reputation designing asymmetric multiplayer strategic games – while still in the digital field, he worked on Civilization, Lightspeed, the Age of Empires series, and Halo Wars. More recently, he created Cthulhu Wars and the Gods War. Now we introduce Hyperspace, an asymmetric game of interstellar conquest!


Hyperspace is a fast-moving 2-4 player asymmetric strategy game about interstellar expansion. In it, you take the part of an interstellar civilization competing to control a newly-discovered star cluster! Construct your empire, fight for resources, and research technology.

Each alien species has its own unique flaws and advantages, and victory lies in recognizing this. The game is physically attractive, and includes well over one hundred figures of spaceships, starbases, colonies, alien citizens, and so forth. It takes place in a star cluster built up of individual pieces that changes every time you play.

Let’s talk about some of its unusual features.



What Makes Hyperspace So Unique?

One of the common “features” of space empire games is that they take a looong time to play. Hyperspace breaks that mold – it usually takes less than 2 hours to play through a 4 player game. We often play it twice in an evening.


No upkeep phase

Most strategy games have upkeep phases, to gather resources, refresh units, and similar functions. The Game of Thrones boardgame has the Planning phase; Twilight Imperium has three such phases – Strategy, Status, and Agenda. Even Cthulhu Wars has the Doom phase. While these serve useful functions, they also bring play to a dead stop.

Hyperspace has no such “upkeep”. Instead, after a player takes his turn, it passes to the next player, and so around and around until the game’s end. You never get to catch your breath! BUT … neither do your opponents.



  • Sandy Petersen’s super-asymmetric game of space conquest!
  • Short play time!
  • 25 different civs!
  • No “upkeep” phase. Play never stops!
  • Includes Lovecraftian races!

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Here is one race:





I heard footsteps down the corridor, approaching my door. It must be Henry, I thought. Tap-tap came upon the door. I wasn’t alarmed. It must be Henry. “Come in,” I said. “Come in.”

The door opened with wonderful swiftness – a figure loomed into the room and then shut the door as rapidly, leaning against it. I tried to scream but my tongue refused. I trembled. It was not Henry, but Vood – the vampire.

The Dacian drew up its gaunt frame to its full height, and crossed prehensile legs upon its breast, standing on its wingtips. There was a hideous grin upon its black countenance, and its voice was deep and sepulchral, as it said, “Aurora Ultraviolet, hear what I have to say, and hear it calmly. You have nothing to fear. Make an alarm – shout for help, or reach for your communicator, and by the hell beneath us all, you are lost!”

There was a death-like, cold, passionless manner about these words, as if they were spoken mechanically. I heard them, yet scarcely comprehended them. I stepped slowly back and held to a chair for support. I could not speak; a psychic oppression lay over me.

Vood’s strange glassy eyes glared unflinchingly. With hideous and strange contortions of its face, it mouthed the words, “You are beautiful. The most cunning artist might model a rare work of art from your limbs. Your face. What enchantment.”

How could the monster care about human beauty? I flushed. “You understand me,” It said. “Let that pass.” What was Vood trying to say?

 “I have inflicted much misery on you and your family, but I can spare you much more. At some point brother or your lover will challenge me.”


“Oh no, no,” I said. “Spare Henry! Spare Lockhart!”

“I say it will happen. I can trivially kill either. My skill and strength is beyond theirs.”

“Mercy,” I cried!

“To spare them, I have one condition. Induce them to sell the Hall to me. I ask no more. If they sell, I will not fight with them, and you shall never see me again.”

That would indeed be worth a sacrifice.

“I covet the Hall. I must have it, though my path be through a sea of blood. You understand? You may not live to regret being a friend to Vood.”

It advanced towards me, and I involuntarily uttered a shriek of terror. In an instant, its claw clasped my waist like an iron vice. I felt hot breath flushing my cheek. My senses reeled, I gathered my breath & energy into one piercing cry for help, and then fell to the floor. A crash of breaking glass, and then all was still. 

–Aurora Ultraviolet

The Dacian Lancet

Their super-ship Lancets is part and parcel of your Feed action’s success. It ensures a Feed’s success, letting you drain your foe and bump up the battle track without risk.

Game Rules

The Dacians are a terrifying threat. When the Dacians produce, they drain extra resources from their neighbors. Their Vorax tech makes them both fearsome and flexible in battle. At least they prefer to keep your colonies alive, as feeding grounds, and they must carefully plan just when they are going to receive a secret, to manage their vampirism.

Dacian-ODS-cropped.jpg?zoom=4&w=1170&ssl Dacian-Ideations.jpg?zoom=4&w=1170&ssl=1






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There was a Facebook Live Q&A with Sandy Petersen tonight. I only caught part of it, but it is worth watching to get some questions answered around this and many other Petersen Games topics.

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1 hour ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

What is a 4x game?  Honest question.   They keep calling it that but I don't know what it means.


eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. It refers to a style of game play, think of alpha centari, civilization, or stellarus. 

You balance finding new stuff on the map, building up your production, taking advantage of enemy mistakes or random events, and using military units to eliminate other players. 

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