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Maledrakh's Nighvault: Zarbag's Gitz

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OUTSTANDING! The new Night Goblins may not be as merry as the old plastic Night Goblin Fellows, but they have a certain charm all their own.

They are a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based Gang of Roguish Hooligans each with a unique personality. VERY WELL DONE!


I had the new Goblins recommended to me by a fellow on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum. SO I checked them out on the G.W. online shop. I was floored by the prices.

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Genius grotesquerie! There's just something right about the intersection of goblins and mushrooms, isn't there? The OSL/glow on Stikkit and Prog are beautiful.

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I love your shroom take on these!

Well done!


I still wonder why GW changed their name, they will always be Night Goblins to me.

And I agree with @malefactus those prices are ridiculous for plastic.


Still, cool Army!


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