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Kristo65's 3d printed ruins

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15 minutes ago, haldir said:

Is the backdrop clips 3d printed as well?

Yep - found them on Thingiverse a while back.


I found they work better with a large sheet of thin craft foam than they do paper.

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9 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

Yep - found them on Thingiverse a while back.


I found they work better with a large sheet of thin craft foam than they do paper.


I've found some on there awhile back (probably the same ones) & thought about printing em up. Nice to see how they turn out.

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4 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

Thanks all. 


Prusa i3 Mk2s

Glad to see yours is working.  Still trying to get mine going again!


Nice work the ruins are convincing.  I like the level of overgrowth

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11 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Glad to see yours is working.  Still trying to get mine going again!

I've had it for about a year and a half now.  I've had a few failures - the main power wire to the heated bed has broken a couple times (because it does a lot of flexing), and I had a bearing fail.  When I replaced the failed bearing, I didn't get my Y-axis belt tight enough, and I had to figure out what was causing some stuttering on the Y-axis.  

I also replaced my nozzle with the wrong type once, and it was causing clogs.   Turns out that the Prusa requires nozzles that have a nozzle end shape that looks like a V - the one I put on looked more like this \_/     The flat spot on the end of the nozzle was causing clogging about every 20-25 layers. 

I think I would have been very frustrated with those problems to the point of throwing the printer in the trash if a) I didn't have a lot of experience troubleshooting and making repairs of things and b) I purchased it as a kit, specifically so I would be familiar with its construction/configuration in case I had to do troubleshooting and repairs. 

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I've been printing a LOT of these ruins lately, but this particular "set" is finished.


These are the Ulvheim BE modular ruins by Terrain4Print on Thingiverse.  I started out printing them at 100%, and they are massive.  Turns out that T4P recommends printing them at 75%. He told me that at 100% they're 100mm x 100mm pieces, which makes the "engineering" easier to accomplish.


He designed these so you can use them in a modular fashion, with clips you use to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure.  But when it comes to setting up ruins on a table, I just want to get them out there, so I've been gluing them all together and detailing them.





The floor is .040 V groove sheet styrene. The way T4P designed these, there is a natural little groove the styrene slots right into.







These are all I'm going to print at 100%.  I've got about 8x more 75% pieces currently in progress, which I'll post up here when done.


And T4P just released an expansion of these called Ulvheim ruins B2, which includes floor sections now, so that will probably cause me to double what I've done so far.

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here are some more of my Ulvheim Ruins.  These pieces are printed at 75%















These are the first three I have to the point I'm calling them tabletop ready of about 20+ pieces currently in progress.  At some point, I'd like to further the detailing, with some washes to stain the ruins, and figure out a moss effect, but that will have to wait until I get the rest off my paint bench. 





So I really like these Ulhveim pieces.  The modularity is awesome, and Markus at Terrain4Print has plans to add even more variety to the line.  As you may have recalled, he had a KS that he cancelled.  After he cancelled it, I reached out to him and asked "how can I help you get ready to relaunch it?"  He responded by giving me early access to his files in exchange for painting and photographing them for him to use when he relaunches the KS. 

The first of those sets was a cemetery set - he gave me permission to show off my pieces of them here: 












I still have some more detailing to do on these, but I was anxious to get some pictures to him to show that I wasn't just taking advantage of him. 

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