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Hello all! Here are a few pics of my second official terrain project. It's a castle/boss chamber, I suppose. I didn't really have anything in mind when I started building it; I was just fooling around with my new molds, tinkering with dry stacking. This eventually emerged.


I built it using Hirst Arts molds and bits from both Reaper and Mini Monsters. The Reaper parts are Large Sarcophagus (77540) and parts from Magic Treasures II and III. I made the flags from salad container plastic and various bits; one of these days I would like to go back and paint more detailed flags and replace these. I see so much amazing freehand banner work and I have artist envy...!


Happy painting,










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12 hours ago, EvilJames said:

This is really cool! I hope many fun battles take place beneath those arches.

I have a couple of Hirst Arts molds, but haven't had the time to really mess with them. Hopefully I'll find some time this summer.


Thank you! We're starting the second half of Tomb of Annihilation right now, and my hubby GM thinks we may all die here at some point. 


And watch out...those things are addictive. No one can cast just one!


8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That looks awesome!

I recognize the Minimonsters Gargoyles, good use for those.


As for freehand, the banners look great, an effective and striking design!

Love it.


You can use this as a photoboard for painted minis as well.



Yes! I almost used one of the MiniMonsters large gargoyles as a central feature, but it was too much. Love their accessories.


And I hadn't even thought of using these as photo staging until I saw one of Malefactus' posts. It's a great idea.


4 hours ago, KruleBear said:

This turned out great..especially for starting it without a plan in place. 


Thanks! Next one is being planned a little better though; I had to break this one apart at places once or twice to make things fit.

3 hours ago, malefactus said:

That really is a SPLENDID creation. I normally associate Hirst casts with a stiff, Lego like appearance, but your piece flows.

It would make a LOVELY setting for photos.  OUTSTANDING WORK!


Thank you! As I said to Glitterwolf above, I had never thought of using these for photographing other minis, but then I saw your wizard set in the forest. It's an excellent idea.


2 hours ago, Inarah said:

Well done! The brass/bronze touches are very nice. 


Thanks! I'd painted them as stonework first, but it was all too samey. Then I tried black marble; I like the look enough to leave it on the pillars, but the whole thing still needed more contrast. So bronze it is. :-)

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