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He looks great!


I can see him as a great salesman!


*** Come over here! I got a bargain on slightly used and damaged armor and weapons!***


*** The blood? Yes, you have to clean it yourself, that's why these are so cheap!***


*** Not interested? Hmmm.. Say! That's a nice helmet you're wearing....I'll be in ...touch! ***

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Thanks everyone 


16 hours ago, Patrik Strom said:

He looks like a force to be reckoned with. I've had my doubts about this figure but seeing this paint job I'll have to reconsider.


He is quite tall/imposing actually, have had my fingers burnt before in buying Reaper figures that look like they are huge but when you buy them are essentially dwarves. 

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    • By PhantomAquarist
      Had a lot of fun painting this one! :D

    • By Werewolvians
      My Rictus takes care of his armor.
      So, in your opinion, is Rictus a death knight or just a normal well dressed skeleton warrior?

    • By Jasonator
      This is one of Sandra. Garrity's impressive and dynamic sculpts.  I really enjoyed trying to show
      off the dynamic movement, drawing attention to the fine carving, and elements she incorporated
      into this miniature.  Was a lot of fun to paint.  I really got into blending and highlighting the figure.
      When it came to the base, I chose snow to really bring up the contrast, and draw attention to the figure.
      As always; Your C/C are very welcome and solicited.
      Leave me a comment please, Its great to get feedback.
      So here is Krass Omenthrall, as I see him.

    • By Jasonator
      I was looking at this mini, and I see a lot of potential for growth (besides it being so danged dynamic).
      I have primed and lined him, and I have applied a base coat of "Blue Gunmetal" to the armor. 
      I am thinking purple, gold highlights, blues, and blood red shadows, and tints.
      I'm being ambitious on this one.
      I'm paying it back for the amount of blood it drew from me while filing and assembling it !
      This is one "sharp" (Literally) miniature !
      So, put on your seat belt, tip the nice ticket taker in the scanty outfit, and off we go.
      Here is where he begins.

    • By Thrym
      Not to long ago I found my various board games from the 80s and 90s and sadly some of the cardboard stuff was to damaged to continue.  DragonStrike from TSR was one such game.

      But I still have the plastic miniatures.  And recently I grabbed EVERY skeleton I own to paint up.  This included the Death Knights in the board game.
      There are three included with each board game and this is #2 of them.
      1 and 3 are nearly completed and will be posted as well.  They are painted the same way as this one with a couple of color exceptions.
      Walnut Brown
      Spattered Gore
      Garnet Red
      Honed Steel
      Pure Black
      Panzer Aces Stencil
      Amarantha Red
      Dark Sand
      Neutral Grey
      Chocolate Brown
      Privateer P3:
      Cryx Bane Base
      Here's the photos:


      I didn't clean up the mold lines.  These are all for gaming.  The effort in painting the skeletons will vary as I work to add them to my gaming box.
      I painted the whole thing with Pure Black as a primer/basecoat.  Then started in on the Stencil color for the bone color.  Hitting the right side and the face as exposed bone.  The mini has "sagging" bits of flesh or cloth or bandages so I decided to treat them as a former uniform and made the ribs of the figure the same color, originally Amarantha Red.  I didn't realize it was a glossy paint when I acquired it so I mixed in some dark sand to lighten it and kill the gloss.
      The leather across his chest is Dark Sand, the shoulder pad is Cryx Bane Base.  The helmet is bronze as is his gauntlet and left knee pad.  The "skirt" is Spattered Gore.  The scythe is Chocolate Brown for the handle, Cryx Bane Base for the blade with Honed Steel highlights.  Spattered Gore was used on the spike on the helmet.
      Selective washing and glazing of Walnut Brown dirtied him up and shaded various spots.
      The base is a 1-inch plastic square with the integral base surrounded by toothpick pieces to make it flush to the edges and look like other bits of stone.  While I like the paint job, I wanted to keep the base pretty simple.
      C&C welcome.
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