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12 hours ago, malefactus said:

The miniatures are, with the exception of the Dwarf, delightfully disturbing, & very , including the Dwarf, imaginative creations. Tour brushwork & subtle colors are WONDERFULVERY WELL DONE!


Thanks for the awesome kudos, I've never got a "wonderful" before. Super glad you enjoyed them. :)


11 hours ago, bluecrowlaura said:

Very nice! I love the snails, and the bases are awesome.


Thanks! I made the bases with plaster and a foil mold. They came out waaaay better than I expected, I'm very pleased with them.


10 hours ago, HolkDiggity said:

I bought a ton of his dwarves for a Frostgrave warband. His sculpts are incredible, and your painting is as well!


Thanks for the mad props on the painting! I totally dig his dwarves as well, I have 4 more that I'm currently getting ready for primer.

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1 hour ago, bluecrowlaura said:

 Was it a homemade mold? I'm curious; I've never thought about using foil before....


Yes. You just crunch up Al foil a few times then smooth it out a bit and fold up the edges to make a little container. Pour in the plaster and let it set! I carved the brick lines into a "sheet" after it had set. To do this I actually used a very small drill bit as a file (normally used for pinning). There are some good tutorials on youtube about using foil to make "rock", the railroad guys have LOTS of terrain tricks. The foil doesn't have the strength to hold much weight, so larger forms tend to flatten out, but for our scale things are pretty OK...


Below is how mine looked before I broke it up.



Good luck,


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