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77503 Temple Dragon NMM attempt

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I attempted some blue-ish steel NMM. My first real attempt at NMM in well over a decade.




It's pretty. But it's not NMM. Thoughts?




I was thinking it's just gonna be a strange breed of moonlit blue dragon or something. 


layer 1: black primer

layer 2: 2 drops P3 Thamar Black, 1 drop Vallejo Field Blue, 1 drop MSP HD Dragon Blue

layer 3: 1 drop black, 1 drop Field Blue, 1 drop Dragon Blue

layer 4: Field Blue/Dragon Blue

layer 5: 1 drop P3 Morrow White, 1 drop Field Blue, 1 drop Dragon Blue

layer 6: add more white

layer 7: repeat layer 6 on tips of things


Despite the name, Field Blue is a mid-dark neutral gray. It takes on the tint of the colors next to it real well.

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1 minute ago, Corsair said:

Okay, what does NMM stand for?

Non-metallic metals. Using standard paint to simulate shininess.


This figure is beautiful, but not yet NMM. It definitely has a moonlight vibe. The highlights need to get up to white, and shadows to black more sharply for NMM. I think more specifically though, you'll have to tweak placement of the highlights. Right now, they're placed generally where a non-shiny surface would reflect diffusely. It helps to try to picture each chunk as a basic shape, like a cylinder or a sphere or a plane, and then place highlights accordingly. Kitchen silverware will help. The back of a fork, on the curve, before the prongs, gives you a cylinder. A spoon gives you a sphere. A knife gives you a plane. 

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