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Welcome back mouse!


@Glitterwolf keeping my fingers crossed for you and yours. 


On the train home after spending the day with the inlaws. I'm so stuffed... So much yummy food. And the beer* was good too!


Keep thinking about more Frostgrave projects to work on. I haven't even played a game in 2 years, but that itch isn't going away. Really really need to get some minis in the table and play a game or ten. If only to justify my getting more minis...


*Of course it was good. I bought it! :lol:

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Leave for Boise tomorrow & I still need to pack (everything..ughhh), sleep a couple hours before work tonight. Sleep a little bit when I get home & other things. I'm beginning to think that working tonight would be best if I had requested tonight off. On the flip side of it, I come back a day later next week.


Packing shouldn't be too bad, just more or less getting everything done.


@Glitterwolf Hoping everything works out for your son.

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7 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:
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Something strange and terrible has just happenen and I do not know how to deal with this.


A weekend ago I visited a theme park with my son and granddaughter, all was well.

Things were good and fun.

He mentioned he had a new girlfriend , knew her for about three or four weeks.


He lives about two hour drive away from me.


Today I come home from work and find a hand written letter.

It is from him and he had written a strange story how he was in my town now, that the girl had bad friends.

She had hacked his cell phone and he was looking for a new prepaid now.

How her friends had threatened him.

And that she already had his house key?


Naturally I got scared, I contacted him.

He told me he was nearby.

So I told him to come over.


He got here, smelling like weed.

I told him I didn't like that much, but okay.


I told him that I wanted to hear his story and that I would give him advice about how to handle things.

And that he might have been naive about giving her his keys after three weeks.

He got angry and walked away, telling me he would not return.


We texted, and he told me he was on the run ( he had his dog with him also) and that he would go abroad.

( we live near Belgium and Germany).

All his texts and behaviour are inconsistent, he doesn't explain anything.

I told him to contact the police, he said he can't.


I'm afraid that his story is bull and he is into a psychosis or a bad trip or something, it doesn't add up.


I contacted his ex, the mother of my grand daughter, she doesn't know anything.

Only that he and his new girl had an argument last sunday according to my granddaughter.

She is now trying to contact him, but he doesn't answer.


My girl is now afraid, because she thinks he's having a psychosis.


I can't even call the police for help.

I don't know his license plate, where he is, the colour of his van.



So...I'm waiting for news from his ex or him.

I have texted again but no answers anymore.


I have no contact with any of his friends or his mom or his sister.

No idea what to do actually.

I asked his ex to contact his friends.


Pretty upset right now, but I don't know what to do.

He's 30yrs old.

I see him once or twice a year.


He has a history of bad behaviour, smoking weed, lying.

A few years ago he had cleaned up his act and started his own little company.

He fixes pipes and such in industry.


I fear he is losing it all and will fall again.

I can't do much.

But this hurts.




Spoiler above for very bad evening.

Troubles and fears.

Only read if you want to.

Praying for you and your family.


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Teenaged daughter made a matcha pound cake just in time to find out that tomorrow they'll have a non-standard day if there's school at all.  (Normally Wednesday they get out early and she has her friends who study Japanese over.)  The planning by the roadworks people for Sunday's storm was really underwhelming.  <_<  


Ah well.  I made an almond pound cake to test alongside the matcha one, and if the roads aren't bad maybe her friends will come over even if school is cancelled.  :;): 

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1 hour ago, Crowley said:


Keep thinking about more Frostgrave projects to work on. I haven't even played a game in 2 years, but that itch isn't going away. Really really need to get some minis in the table and play a game or ten. If only to justify my getting more minis...


*Of course it was good. I bought it! :lol:


I only got caught up on buying Frostgrave rules this Christmas and I don't have any Ghost Archipelago stuff yet. Hadn't played for a year or more until the kids and I got playing Rangers of Shadowdeep. That made me dig out the Frostgrave stuff again. Surprisingly for me I'm actually toning down some of my plans. When I got into it I converted skeleton soldiers for every type available at that time for my necromancers and had plans for several themed armies using my old GW stuff as a starting point. Would have ended up about 100 minis. Now several years and several Nickstarters later I'm just trying to finish up the minis we're actually using plus all girls and cultist warbands. So only about 100 minis. :huh: A different 100 than originally planned at least partly. About 40 are painted. Think I'll hold off on buying gnolls and more barbarians for a bit. Plan is to just paint up models for the soldiers we actually buy in game other than the cultists who are already assembled.

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Boring coffee tech babble in spoiler.



Changed the recipe for how I brew my coffee from "stock" Clever (4 minutes total, 30 second bloom during such) to a variant of PT's Coffee Clever brewing guide (4 minutes total... 30 second bloom, but at the 2 minute mark you set it on your mug, and it takes about 1m55s to drain into the mug).  I say variant, because I find it a lot easier to go with 75g of water for the bloom, as it actually covers the grounds thoroughly (that and I don't have a gooseneck kettle, and don't really have any plans on getting one).


Ohhhh my.  Much better, and the flavours don't overwhelm.


Why measure everything?  Ever notice how every cup of coffee seems to be somewhat different in taste?  That's what the measuring is supposed to help reduce.  For me, it's more just being able to try out different things and see what happens, and then be able to repeat it.  Also, yeah. Wait, that's pretty much it actually.


EDIT: Also, new coffee grinder is big, like stupidly thick and just a tad taller than old grinder, but man does it grind beans a lot more evenly.  That and it's easier to grind things too (I suspect it's because of the longer arm, and larger burr set)




Mmmm, coffee!

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1 minute ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

I see the pipe.

Is it safe to assume that there are also comfy slippers?


Absolutely, got to keep the toes warm.....even if there's less than ten of them.


EDIT: I should give credit to richten on deviantart, I happened to come across this as I was browsing and thought that it was a fantastic concept.

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I'm contemplating if I want to keep playing the character that I currently have rolled up for D&D, a dwarf wizard that can pull a minor melee role if needed due to how he's built, or if I want to roll up something else. The party as it is now consists of a druid, a human bard, a tabaxi sorcerer, a human monk, a ranger, and my wizard. If another friend joins the game, he'll probably be bringing in a dwarf paladin because that's his go-to, but it's unknown if his schedule will let him join right now.


So we're pretty spell heavy, and in the first session my character ended up being something of the party tank in our first combat. Which is something he's equipped to do but isn't something he can maintain for long because it drains his spell slots rapidly and despite having a high Con score he's still got wizard health. I'm thinking that we may need a more front line character. Since I'll be missing session 2 and was late to session 1 so didn't get introduced right away, I can probably just have my current guy fade into the background as the NPC caravan guard he was in the first place.

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9 hours ago, paintybeard said:


Very tough for you, Glitterwolf. It is awful for a capable, active person like yourself to feel that they cannot DO anything..

 Maybe I am naïve, but I would still consider contacting the police.

Failing that, do you have a service in the Netherlands similar to The Samaritans?


Thing with the police is that I have too little information for them to work with.

I'm not even sure what is true and what's not.

I can't even tell them the colour of his van or the license number.


We only see each other once or twice a year these days.

Last time was a week ago and it was great.

Themepark with him and the little girl.

And now one week later all of this..





One of the reasons I fear that he is not telling the truth ( the whole thing about his phone being hacked, being threatened,his ex having keys to his house, being chased) is that he is using something, I smelled weed, but I'm not sure what else is in the mix.

When he told  his story, I told him to change his locks, call the police.


he then told me he can't go to the police, but doesn't tell me why not.

So that's a big red flag for me.

Also he came to my house which is a two hour drive with his dog, he is leaving his house and work behind and texted that he was on his way to the border.

All very strange.

He also asked for my help and all I said was, tell em your story, I will see what we can do, but promise to listen to my advice and he got angry and ran away again.


I want to help him, but I also want my family to be safe and peaceful.

If he contacts me and starts asking for money than I will know that things are off.

He has a history of problems, we have lost contact between his 18th and 22th due to lying, using and behaviour.

We re established contact after he got his stuff together, unfortunately he and the mother of his child broke up.

And we're slowly getting back to the problem zone.

So sad.


As for Samaritans, he's refusing to go to any institution or organisation so far.

After I have had contact and have a better idea about what's going on, I will seek counceling at my base.

I need to know how to handle this without hurting myself.



9 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Hi everyone. I've been gone a while. Trying to get better and stuff. In a pretty bad downward spiral right now. Had been looking up. 


Removed my facebook from my phone. That has helped. But I miss the forums. And people on here. Sorry for not back reading. Dealing with a lot of overwhelming right now. 


You're always welcome!

I'm in a bad place myself at the moment, but I find the forumites very helpful and that makes me feel better.

I hope you will feel better soon as well.

7 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:


You can focus on the positive and care for those who can benefit from your kindness.  Whether this is volunteering in your community or helping with your granddaughter or at home.  It might help calm your worries to do something good.  <hugs>  



No worries about not reading everything or not writing anything.  Really.  Sometimes there just aren't any words.  


I have little contact with his ex. So I can't do much there.

I never text her, but yesterday I felt I needed to inform her since he's the father of her kid, and also wanted to know if she had more information.

They all live on the other side of the country.


I also have little or no contact with my daughter ( his sister) due to her marriage with a 1% Biker Elfhole..

Such a difference between this and my stepvixens who are angels.

I feel like I live in two different worlds sometimes and I want only the one please..



I want to thank everybody again for all the prayers/wishes and advice.

Thank you all, it really makes me feel heard and it does help me to keep perspective.






And on top of it all I have just made a dentist appointment, I'll be there in an hour.

I feel a small piece of jawbone trying to pierce my gums.

Not funny...


Maybe it's nothing but I want to make sure.


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