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Wooo I finished a figure tonight! Roan Heartwood is a druid and the dog cleric's former master; he was her animal companion before she was slain by vampires. Lovely character. Everyone adored her and

Delivered by c-section (), 3:59pm May 8, 2019, 7lbs 10oz, 20 inches.    She started out purple, but quickly turned pink.

So, I woke up to terrible news.  A good friend passed away last night during emergency surgery.  I'm pretty gutted, as is everyone who knew him.  Big Tim was the heart of our race track.  He was t

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9 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

Hmmm...  Maybe we could just work around it and put a house emblem in our signature?  Would be easier for Reaper.


From now on we're all united in the House of Reaper.


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I have... some news.


The coworker who collapsed last week with the heart attack is... still in the cardiac ICU. But! His chances improved enough that the doctors decided to wake him up Monday night to try to determine if there's any impairment to his brain function. Apparently he Did Not Like this and they put him back under Tuesday morning.


So... some news? For definition of 'some'. But it's enough of an improvement that work has turned from maudlin 'he's gonna die I can't focus I'm going home early' to a much more hopeful 'we're collecting to get him flowers for when he's out of the ICU'.

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As a Mod - A general suggestion for the group to help prevent confusion in the future.


When posting about a dream or a fictional story, please make it clear at the start that’s what the post is about.

People don’t always read until the end of the post and it can cause issues otherwise.

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1 minute ago, Glitterwolf said:


Nope gone, as well a the subtitle that says which House you're in.

Maybe it was too much work keeping it up?


Or a security patch broke it or removed it to close a security issue?

So I just had a long time good customer ask me the equivalent of this question "Why couldn't the programmer just use the program code he wrote for my Commodore 64 as the basis of my iPhone application?" 


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54 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

I don’t have any knowledge of why the House Emblems disappeared, but I’ll see if I can get an answer for you.


We can all use this!

United under WOOF!




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  • Moderator

I for one have embraced the change. Unfortunately, embracing the change meant making a long needed update to my signature.....which meant that the system finally caught on that I had 2 pictures in my signature. So I reworked my 2 pictures into 1 and added a bunch of little text pictures instead because I have listened to the outro to Rage Against the Machine's song Killing in the Name one too many times.

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32 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

I havent been to a car wash in several years (because I have everything I need to accomplishing at home) but my car really needed it.  This has to be the most efficient car wash I have ever been to.  Henry Ford would be impressed.




10 minutes before I was to leave for the D&D game I run for the kids at the high school, we got a call that my wife's father passed away.


Sitting at the school now to pick my son up instead of hosting a game.





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27 minutes ago, buglips*the*goblin said:


I have been at this point in my pregnancy since I first began to cut things off sprue.  


The only help is to work on a linoleum tile floor that is a white base with the grey speckles in it.

You need the speckles for contrast so when you drop white stuff it still shows up - sorta.


And so, when is Buglips Jr. due?  Will you be having a shower? This is a rhetorical question as I know that a shower would dilute the level of Goblin Stank.


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4 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

I'm having a "Tech hating old codger!" moment with my bank, and by extension my insurance company.


I'm at work, and want to do some banking business.


So my bank now has a 2-step security feature that replaces the security questions. They just need to leave you a voice message or SMS with a PIN number. But I work in a remote site without a cell tower. And my work phone number has an extension, and the bank's system doesn't do extensions.


Even if I manage to get a signal at the main gate that does have a tiny cell tower (of 20ft radius), the code is only valid for a few minutes, and the gate is several minutes away. And if I'm not at the gate at the same moment they send the code, I won't receive anything.


So in the words of my bank (I called tech support), I'm out of luck. They'll have email support SOONTM, but not today.


If I want to use my account from work, I'll have to haul my computer home (i.e. *not* work), just to get a bloody phone call.



Hooray for security! :grr:

If it were me, I'd be asking for a hard date by which they will have email support.

If they started to waffle or wouldn't provide a date, or the date was too far in the future, I'd be reviewing other options for my banking needs because it sure sounds like the people you are dealing with aren't meeting your needs.


6 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

The town we are in used to be a support village for a much larger town - a small city.


That city vanished about fifty years ago.


Buildings still standing - but strangely aged.


Bones and dust for some of the inhabitants, but nowhere near enough for the entire population.


And the trees have been growing over the ruins at a much faster pace than normal - it looks like the town has been abandoned for two centuries or more, not a mere fifty years.


And lately people going near that area of the now-woodland have started hearing things - or not returning.


Other claims are more concrete - hunters are have seen orcs, goblins, and ogres.


But the orcs and company have not attacked the town - yet.


Another support village for the city was abandoned - something went wrong with the well, so about twenty years ago those villagers moved to this town.


A wall is being built, they are hoping to have a ten foot high enclosure by the start of winter.


But it is expensive - the quarry is one of the main sources of income for the barony, and with its output going to building the wall....


However - it is known that there was a Lyre of Building in the city - and the Baron is offering to recognize my title if I and my boon companions - each a hero in their own right! can recover the Lyre - which will free up the quarry as a money making venture.


My character publicly soaked up the praise - and confided to the party that he does not trust the Baron one whit.(I got a rather good result on my Sense Motive - I don't know that he is lying about anything, but suspect that he is holding back important details.)


The Lyre - if it still exists - is in one of the churches in the city.


So, we are galumphing off into the woods again.


And Megan's character and mine are officially courting - even though she's a gnome.


The gnomes in this setting were exiled from or fled or emigrated Faerie many, many years ago - and my character is a mortal knight among the fey hosts. So... I am semi-pseudo-sorta gentry?


The Auld Grump - neither Megan nor I expected her mom to react this way....

Blessed be.


The Auld Grump

For future reference on how quickly an urban setting will deteriorate look up some of the pictures of Detroit .

It is interesting just how fast and in what fashion abandoned industrial and civic buildings have been reclaimed by the native vegetation and the process of reduction that is occurring to the works of man without the attention that they would be subject to if these buildings were still in use.



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I finished the book Orc Road Trip... I liked it enough that I will be looking for the sequel.


And, unexpectedly, I found the text I want for Megan's St. Valentine's card in the last chapter of the book.


The setting of the book is an alternate USA - with multiple intelligent species - both High and Low.


High races include Humans, Elves, Gnomes, and Dwarfs.


Low races include Orcs, Goblins, Goar (humanoid critters with a skin covered exoskeleton), and Beagles. (Floppy ears, four short legs, soulful gaze, covered in fur, really appreciate a good belly rub - yeah, those beagles. Not dogs in general - just Beagles. Oh, and having no opposable thumbs kind of limits what they can do.)


Orcs, in the setting, are kinda scrod. Their memory goes back a maximum of twelve years - important things are kept, but not why or how they learned it was important.


And elves, by and large, are complete jerks. ::P:


The Auld Grump

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