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Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

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10 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

Just released a juvenile starling that bounced off our kitchen window and had been staggering around being a danger to itself. It was fairly easy to catch, so probably would have attracted the attention of local predators. Nothing seemed broken, so I left him in a quiet place inside a covered box for an hour and a half and then waited until a mob of his fellows were back in the garden.


After giving me a beakfull of abuse and some hefty pecks, he flew back to his flock. Here's the ungrateful little brat ::D:




Of course, the cats are absolutely furious that I didn't share it with them. Even worse, I used one of Kuros favourite boxes to put it in :ph34r:


Should have let the predators have it. Starlings are an invasive species that need to go away. At least that's true if you're in North America. The only reason they're here is because some idiot was obsessed with Shakespeare and intentionally released mating pairs because he wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare's works to the US...


5 hours ago, haldir said:


What is the name of the product?


The Coven Creek Horror. Most of the NPCs are friends of his who have been part of his D&D group for 20 years, and Word of God says that I am the gray ooze. Be warned, while I haven't played it some other friends(same people who have NPCs named after them) have and they've said that it's pretty hard.


5 hours ago, kristof65 said:

I've heard that DM's Guild takes a much bigger cut than DriveThruRPG, since material there is approved for D&D. 

You might encourage him to try something more generic and look into publishing it via DriveThruRPG. 

Also in my experience, people tend to look for stuff by an author they like, so a second module will have more exposure than the first, and may even boost sales of the first. 


Well, I talked to him some more today and he said he is going to publish something else eventually, but it will probably be a player option supplement rather than an adventure. He said "there's 20 players for every DM, so it only makes sense that if I wanted to actually try to sell something in numbers I'd target players instead. And how many players are going to be buying adventures?" 


It's a fair point, but I still think he should do adventures as well. Player options have to be tested a lot more than adventures, and then a lot of DMs won't let you run a lot of third party stuff unless they've got experience with it. Plus, I think he's way off the mark on the DM-Player thing. Most DMs start as players and then they run a one-shot or something. And usually before a DM runs their first adventure, at least in my experience, they like to look at existing adventures either for inspiration or just to run straight out. And then there's people like me, who want to DM but don't have a group for various reasons and still buy stuff left and right.


Spent today out on the river with the same friends I spent Saturday with. 7 hours flew by way, way faster than I thought it was going to. I didn't even realize it until I was leaving. It felt like I was only there for like 3 hours or so, but we got there around 2 and it was dark when I left. This time we were at a campground where my friend's mom has a camper set up, so we lounged around the river in tubes for a while, then we came back, started a fire, and made ourselves some food while we just BSed about stuff. It was a good day.


The only bad thing about today was that I somehow pulled a muscle in my abdomen by cutting a tomato. I have no idea how I did it, but I did. First slice into the tomato and I felt a pop and my back/right side has been hurting right by my bottom ribs ever since.


Also, I acquired a used futon. Or I will acquire it in a couple days. My friends were going to throw it out rather than take it with them to NY, so I told them I'd take it for my basement. It needs one of the wooden slats/ribs/whatever they are fixed, and could use a new coat of paint on the frame, but it's both functional and free.

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Well, crap. I'm gonna be so tired tomorrow... I gotta report for jury duty at 9am, and work night shift tomorrow night.


For some reason I was thinking that I had to call tomorrow to see if I needed to report on Wednesday, but it was call tonight to see if I have to report tomorrow. It's a good thing I double checked the paperwork just now or else I would have been screwed.

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9 hours ago, Crowley said:

I love it when my players do this! :devil:

Ever since I played 'Champions of Krynn'  (old gold box SSI computer game for those that don't know) where the game showed you the area of effect of spells, I've always been very careful when using them.

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12 hours ago, sumbloke said:

Umm... I think you may be looking in the wrong place for that...


Maybe on some of the other threads, but certainly not this thread...

Nope. This place is far far saner than a few other places I hang out...

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7 hours ago, Erifnogard said:

Pretty sure I can guess how it ends...

With one of the players face palming for the 3rd time in that campaign. In that campaign it was his friends that were trying to kill him, not the dice :lol:


18 minutes ago, Flamehawke said:

Nope. This place is far far saner than a few other places I hang out...

We need to up our game guys ::o:

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