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Grenadier Action Art: Wererat Leader


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Grenadier put this box set of minis out “Action Art: Monsters” in the early 80s. It was one of several sets that came with paint, brushes, and the painting guide. I could post photos of all the pages of the painting guide. They say how to base coat, highlight, drybrush, etc. then they give color scheme suggestions for each mini. I’m not sure what forum is most appropriate for posting those guide pages. 


The paint would be no good any more, and the brushes, I hear, were crap, but I received the minis from a dear friend whose brother died as a teen in the mid-late 80s and had collected a lot of minis for D&D. 


Glad you like him him and his 2 little friends!

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    • By Glitterwolf
      As I mentioned earlier I'm painting the minis for the Dark Souls Board Game for a friend of youngest Vixen's boyfriend.
      This is the Dragon Slayer Ornstein ( or so I've read).
      After this I will go work on the big monsters.
      Here he is, Tabeltop Standard since it's for a board game.
      Sealed it with Army Painter Satin Antishine.

    • By R2ED
      Well, this is it.  This is my best one so far.  Feeling pretty proud of how he came out.  
      I give big kudos to Vince Venurella for the YouTube video he put up on basing with a sewer theme.  Have me huge inspiration and i took many elements from his video.  
      Thanks to @Hibouand @billeecats for the push in the right direction (and the rest of the paint club, too).
      Here he is, my finished wererat. 

      Top down

      Early stage of drying

      about 1/2 way complete

    • By R2ED
      Oh man!  What a HUGE jump forward for me.  I NAILED CONTRAST!
      Taking another one out of the bin from Bones 4 to prepare myself for the unyielding amount of Bones 5 that I'm hoping will be coming soon, I pulled this guy out.  
      Looking at the body type, details and such, I had a relatively close idea in my mind of flesh tone vs. gray fur.  This guy came out way better than I expected.
      * Starting again with the dry brushing and going with a particular order of operations: Skin, Tail, Fur, Face, Accessories, and Eyes.  It worked spectacularly.  I often find I'm overlapping another area when I'm painting and end up having to fix something.  This dry brush technique allowed for good overlap and less mistakes (or less I could spot).
      *  The Skin color of Burnt Red to Buff to Flat Flesh was a solid combo.  I will use this one again.  
      *  I then did the fur from Neutral Gray up to Sky Gray and even using a little of the white mixed in to lighten it up near the face and crest of the back. 
      *  I learned a new trick thank to Eons of Battle on YouTube about using matte medium to blend in.  HOLY COW!  WORKS LIKE A CHARM!  LOVE this method.
      *  Finding the highlights with the drybrush applied and seeing which spots lightened each time helped me identify even better than if I zenithal primed it.  This is wonderful for me as it's been a major challenge.
      *  Lastly, the metallics.  I've been making the mistake of laying a full on metallic layer down, then trying to darken it with wash or another color, but again it was dry brush to the win.  Use it to make the transition subtle and then go for brightening it up.  The chain area and pieces on his belt really highlight this effect well.  I've been struggling with dry brushing for a long time, but for some reason all the sudden it just clicked!
      *  The color on his nails isn't my favorite.  I was going for a "I've been in the sewer for a while" look, but I'm not sure that brown/orange works?
      *  Eyes could have been something more.  I just went with black and white dot for gleam, but again, maybe something more yellow and menacing.  They are insanely small and wouldn't have been easy anyway.  
      *  The fur color needs something else.  I was thinking to dirty it up (kind of like how I did the rear-end area), but then again I felt if I did it may have taken away from the work rather than added to it.
      *  The highlights and contrast are still a new thing for me and in a few spots these are SUPER bold.  I took my time with them, really went slowly and placed them well, but there's still some spots I couldn't gone lighter in.  
      *  I may have lost my concentration for a second and overdid the drybrush on the chain at his hip.  Now he's got sparkly fur in a spot, but I went back to hide it.  I'm hoping it stays hidden.  I would hate for the other warerats to go, "Bob, you uh putting on glitter again?"  
      *  lastly - the mouth.  I am using this brown/purple/pink combo that I like, but the recesses are really, really dark.  I may need to find a lighter color I can bring that tone up with a bit.  
      All in all, this is another really big win for me.  Adjusting to a new means of painting, starting with drybrushing and not leaning on washes is a really big deal.  I had been looking for a pick-me-up in my painting and the Griffon I did last week really launched me in this direction.  Hooray!





    • By Chaoswolf
      I just finished painting this figure yesterday. It's from the old Grenadier boxed set 'Fighting Men' #2005. Not really a whole lot to say about him, I spent about 3 hours painting him to a good tabletop level. I got a little burned out on painting for a while, feeling like I had to paint everything to a competition level. Well, sometimes it's just fun to slap some paint on a figure in a few hours just to take your mind off of other things. I had just forgotten that somewhere along the way.
      Anyhow, here he is, let me know what you think.



    • By Glitterwolf
      This is a vintage mini, Grenadier Dragonman Sorcerer, I got it from a BOGW a few years ago.
      I will use him as a Demon Officer in my Children of the Grave army, because I think he looks a bit like a classic Demon.

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