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Grenadier Action Art: Wererat Leader

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This is the Wererat Leader from the Grenadier Action Art Monsters Box Set. The original sword was lost, so I used a friend’s spare parts bin to find a replacement. Enjoy!








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I love it!

I used to have that whole set of wererats in my youth.

Great sculpts!

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This is hands down my favorite wererat miniature ever, since the inception of miniatures!  I’ve got a copy that i painted along time ago and I’ve got one I someday mean to paint to give him a modern update, but some day when I have some time on my hands.   Beautifully painted!


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Yeah really great job, beautifully done


I want to know what the color guide for the monster came from. Sorry if that’s a noob question but I’ve never seen that (or thought to look).

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Grenadier put this box set of minis out “Action Art: Monsters” in the early 80s. It was one of several sets that came with paint, brushes, and the painting guide. I could post photos of all the pages of the painting guide. They say how to base coat, highlight, drybrush, etc. then they give color scheme suggestions for each mini. I’m not sure what forum is most appropriate for posting those guide pages. 


The paint would be no good any more, and the brushes, I hear, were crap, but I received the minis from a dear friend whose brother died as a teen in the mid-late 80s and had collected a lot of minis for D&D. 


Glad you like him him and his 2 little friends!

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    • By Nightwing
      This is the Wizard from Grenadier’s Wizards box set circa 1980. Most of the minis from the set were called variations like Sorcerer, Illusionist, Magician, and Warlock. But there are also 2 druids and a cleric included. 
      I painted all the minis from the set in my teens, then wanted to repaint them in my early 20’s so I had my friend sandblast(!) the paint off. That eroded much of the detail. So the detail in the beard, hands, imp, is almost all painted in. 

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      These HeartBreaker minis were the first ones I bought that weren't part of a boardgame, or Warhammer starter set. Years ago I had a fair sized Undead army, and thru the magic of Simple Green, the time has come to rebuild and repaint that army. 

      Later they were reinforced with these friendly fellows from Grenadier.

      This time around, I built them a unit tray from balsa wood, insulation foam, and wood putty.


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      This the bonus figure that came in Grenadier Dragon Lords 9602 Red Dragon II, circa 1989.  See my work on the Dragon here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82205-grenadier-9602-red-dragon-ii/
      This guy mimics the dragon’s colors, but not very well. Overall a pretty plain mini. Im terrible with reds. Damned colorblindness...

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      And another figure from my pretty productive weekend, a were-rat, I think also sculpted by Dennis Mize, though not too sure, this might have been some of the Citadel Import figures that he redesigned.  Anyhow, once again a very simple figure, a naked were-rat running around with a sword, pretty simple and straight forward!
      I always seem to end up painting rats grey, maybe in the future, I'll go brown or white....
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      Yay, finished in time to enter 2013 Dragon challenge with 6 hours to spare....
      He is 2 lbs 2.5 ounces of lead, so pretty straining on the wrists. The WIP is here : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52564-teronus-grenadier-dragon-wip/
      I will likely put him on a display base later.

      With a dwarf snack for size:

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