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Painter vs Painter: Household edition


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So my girl ( @Zanderina) and I got into this wonderful hobby together, and we've developed a few tricks and styles our own.  Well yesterday I was told my style is very dark and 'Earthy'.  No offense taken, but it hit me I do need to extend my color pallet choices.  This lead to a small challenge between us, as we're apparently very competitive with each other.  We'd pick out our model to be done next, and the other person would pick the paints to use.


My model choice was Hosilla (#60172), and received the following Reaper paints to use:

Dragon Red (9401), Cats Eye Green (9414), Bleached Linen (9436), Punk Rock Pink (9286), Leather White (9062), Honed Steel (9053), Ginger Cookie (9659), Cursed Gold (9464), Kobold Scale (9458), Golden Blonde (9033), Tusk Ivory (29825), & Black Indigo (9603)



Her choice of model was the Arcanamirim Wizard (#60135), and I gave her the following paints:

Old Bronze (9197), Dungeon Slime (9415), Solid White (29842), Chestnut Brown (9071), Sunrise Orange (9406), Wilderness Green (9411), Stark Naked (9682), Harvert Brown (9200), Goblin Skin (9457), Ashen Blue (9057), & Khaki Highlight (9123)



Over the next couple weeks we will be posting up the WiP pics and hope to get feedback as we go.  Let the fun begin!!

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I think I lucked into some decent colors, but my execution of some blending needs help.  My first step was her face.



I used the Ginger Cookie for her skin tone, Black Indigo for makeup and the Leather white/Cats Eye Green for the eyes (Not that the green can be seen here).  Is it me, or is she smirking about something?!  I followed up by attempting some Strawberry Blonde hair.  Layered Dragon Red first, followed by thin glazing of Golden Blonde.  I was not impressed, so I glazed a bit of Dragon Red back over.  The results look almost as if her hair was dyed and the roots are showing. 



 Next was the chain mail and I started the leather vest.  @Zanderina was nice enough to give me Honed Steel for the chain, and my favorite color for leather, Kobold Scale.  




I'm thinking of doing a VERY thin layer of the Black Indigo over the chain, just to give a worn/aged look to the metal.  


Not sure where the Punk Rock Pink and more of the Green will fit in.  But its a WiP, and something to be having fun with.  Cheers y'all!

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11 hours ago, Zanderina said:

My progress today. Longways to go. Trying some things I haven't done before. White is not my forte at all. 



White is a difficult colour at the best of times. And sometimes it can be downright painful. 


I find that a filbert or other flat brush is helpful when painting large(insofar that anything on a 28mm scale mini can be called large) areas. 

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Whelp, this has been a rough week for my side of the rivalry. I was able to get some work done on Hosilla, but working 6 days this week (at 12hrs each) cut into my hobby time.  But lets show off what little I was able to do...


Firstly I added a bit of the Tusk Ivory to the leather vest and to the sash around her waist.  Applied a thin wash of the Black indigo to the Honed Steel of the chain armor to get a more worn look.  I think the Indigo overtook the Silver of the Steel coloring, I'm on the fence about it.



For the weapon, I took 3 drops of Ginger Cookie and 1 of Dragon Red to get the light wood coloring, since I wasn't given a brown to work with (the horror!!). Bleached Linen for the wrapping of the handle and the draping of the sash.  



I think I need to do a lot of touch ups, and more blending but....



...my main painting hand is out of commission for a bit.  @Zanderina will have lots more time to get her piece together now.  Which btw, she is doing quite well on.  I'll bug her for an update for y'all soon. 



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Finally able to paint again!  Stupid finger injuries.  


Alas I spread the Kolbold Scale out to cover more leather (Gloves and Boots).  Typically I'd of used a couple more colors to add depth of wardrobe, but this challenge isn't about that.  Also used the Cursed Gold/Cats-eye Green on the blade of the staff.  


Used the Black Indigo and a dry brushing of Cursed Gold for the book cover, while Tusk Ivory for the pages.  


I think my most unnoticeable detail, thanks to crappy cell phone camera work on my part, is the use of the Punk Rock Pink on the hip sash.  Used it to outline the cloth and then do a repeating 4 dot diamond pattern.  


Basing is left, but that always is a stumpper...


What y'all think?


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