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Knight of the Dinner Table

Noresmian Nights - From Bruegelburg to the ends of the earth

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I've backed three of their Kickstarters before and have always been very satisfied. Characterful minis and fast delivery.


His Excellency, the Grand Vizier (NOR-01) 


The most trusted confidant of His Highness, the Grand Vizier is the chief courtier and administrator of the highest affairs of state. 


 His Highness, the Khan-Sultan of Noresmi (NOR-02)


Ruler of the City and the surrounding lands of many leagues, the current Khan-Sultan hails from a long line of rulers, some weak, some strong, some cunning, some naïve. Having traveled with the Grand Caravans in his youth, he is determined to maintain and expand Noresmi’s standing, yet keeps court in the lavish style expected in this part of the world. 

 The Khan-Sultan’s Wife and the Royal Chancellor (NOR-03)


From a marriage of reason to cement an alliance with a neighbouring state grew respect and love – these days, the Khan-Sultan’s wife takes great interest in her husband’s duties and advises him as the need arises. Rumour has it that the rode out as a Warrior-Princess, but who would dare to ask her about it?

Supervising the Khan-Sultan’s treasuries, the Royal Chancellor is traditionally appointed from the most successful and proven members of the trader aristocracy. 

 Wise Men of the East (NOR-04)


Knowledge is not a commodity as easily traded as more tangible goods, but still in high demand. The Khan-Sultan, following the example of his great-grandfather, expanded his court by maintaining an academy of sages to collect the wisdom of the world.

 Merchants of Noresmi (NOR-05)


When it comes to preparing a Grand Caravan, the Khan-Sultan summons the foremost merchants of the city, as well as the most-renowned travellers to plan out this great venture. But with trade being such an important part of Noresmian daily life, one will very likely meet those notables on the markets, at their trade houses, remarkably comparable to the Kontors of Bruegelburg.

 Advisors to the Court (NOR-06)


As merchants grow in age and esteem, it is customary to hand over the daily running of business to their successors. The most esteemed among them may find themselves appointed Advisor to the Court, as the Khan-Sultans seek to put their knowledge and experience to good use (and keep an eye on those of great ambition).

 Courtier of the Hillfolk and Servant (NOR-07)


In ages past, when the Dwarfs were more adventurous, some clans set out to claim new lands in the East. They maintained some of their ancestral reclusiveness, but some dwell in the city of Noresmi itself, working as blacksmiths and goldsmiths, where their prodigal skill find great acclaim and may even lead to a place on the Khan-Sultan’s council. 

 The Cuisinier Royal (NOR-08)


Noresmian cuisine is known for its exotic combination of foods, spices and specialties from all over the world. Only the most skilled and trusted cooks find themselves appointed to the court kitchens, and closely watched due to their sensitive position. 

 Male Servants (NOR-09)


The Khan-Sultan’s palace guard maintains a continuous presence on the streets of the city. Still, there are some areas where only the shrewdest and toughest servants are sent to conduct their masters’ business. 

 The Tax Collectors (NOR-10)


In order to pay for his court, but also to maintain roads, bridges and other public institutions, the Khan-Sultan levies various taxes and duties. Guarded by trusted palace guards, Tax Collectors are a common sight during market days and at the time of every third moon.

 Streetfolk (NOR-11)


Despite the strange smells, uncommon sights and sounds, life in the city is broadly similar to that in Bruegelburg. On market days, one will meet people from all walks of life.

 Palace Guards (NOR-12)


Palace Guards are hand-picked from veterans of the standing army. It is a posting of high repute, and many a guardsman retired to become chief bodyguard to powerful merchants favoured by the Khan-Sultan. 

 Master of the Armies with Herald (NOR-13)


One of the most trusted positions on the Khan-Sultan’s court, the Master of the Armies is the chief commander of the palace guard and the small standing army maintained to keep peace along the trade routes. 

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Funded and first stretch goal announced:




Herald at 4.500 Euro: There is a Herald included in Set NOR-13, but we have a second pose of Herald coming as a free adition to your pledges. The two Heralds nicely complemented, each of them turning to a different direction. If we reach this goal, every pledge of at least Chancellor level or 50 Euro will be added the Herald for free.

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I love the designs, and I missed the last one (my fault, I forgot to pledge when I had plenty of opportunities).


What I'm secretly hoping, is that they open up their back catalog for even more minis!

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So I went full-in, and pledged enough to get both or the original "Day at the Fair" and "Dwarven Gold" sets as add-ons.


That's a lot of minis with character.

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