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Ghost Archipelago Parapet Markers

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The club's next Ghost Archipelago campaign starts this coming Saturday, so I am taking advantage of the day off to make sure that I am ready.  We are starting with new crews, and my new spell caster (warden) has a spell to create a little piece of blocking terrain, so I decided that I had better make a few today.  I am hoping/expecting that 6 of them should be enough. The parapet is supposed to be 2" long and a half inch high, so I pulled out some 50mm cavalry bases to stack stones on.  


Step One:


Glue on stones and wait for things to dry.




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41 minutes ago, Rob Dean said:


That’s true. Would you do that with fine flock and glue, or with paint?


I us fine flock from Woodland Scenics or, lately, Green Scene Scenery from Scenic Express. Normally I stick it on with hot glue then do another partial layer with crazy style glue.

I paint mine in progressively brighter shades of green, but I am a fanatic.

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