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Pingo's 2018 Roundup of Painted Figures (Picture intensive)


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I forgot to mention, but the sharp-eyed may have noticed that I paint shadows on the figures' bases ... but not for the vampires.


As summer progressed my thoughts turned to outer space, and somewhat more heroic venues. But world events were also wearing me down and I posted fewer and fewer Show Off threads. There are some here I've never shown on the forums before.




... which is not to say I couldn't manage one more vampire. This is Reaper's magnificent Monique Denoir, sandwiched between two old school figures of an elf ranger and a sorceress from Das Schwarze Auge, Germany's answer to Dungeons and Dragons. The dwarf is Hatherly, from Hasslefree.



I'm not sure I ever posted WIP or Show Off threads for some of these. These are four wonderful outer space ladies from Hasslefree and Reaper's Meyanda, Android Priestess, painted up as a Jadeborn for Exalted.



Two more space paramilitary ladies from Hasslefree and, er, some classic space marines from Games Workshop. What can I say, they were a special request.



Three space-dwarf fighters from Hasslefree, and a dwarf magic user from Stonehaven.



Another terrestrial dwarf, from Reaper, an agent and an intrepid reporter superhero's romantic interest, both from RAFM, and two Reaper cultists because we needed some more obvious baddies.



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My autumnal painting slowed down, partly because of the heaviness of world events and partly because several other projects, including some oil portraits and gearing up to produce art videos, took up a lot of my time. So there are only a few finished miniatures here.




I finished the last of the seven (yes) dwarves I had meant to do for the year, a Tre Manor druid offered by Hasslefree. Also Reaper's rather tragic Drowned Spirit, two fire hydrant pieces of terrain from Ainsty Castings, and a "witch" from Bad Squiddo who I thought would do well as Susan Sto Helit from the Discworld.



The final figures for 2018 were a somewhat rushed job on the Bones version of Reaper's wonderful Vandorendra, Snake Demon, and a steampunk gadgeteer half-orc from Stonehaven.




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That touch with the shadows is genius. I'm particularly a fan of that kneeling two-pistol Space Dwarf lady,  the RAFM ladies, Susan, and the Drowned Spirit. Like the cultists, too--you don't see too many evil cultists in red and yellow. A refreshing change from purples and blacks and greens.

I'm working (s l o w l y) on that Stonehaven mechanorc myself! Great job on the patina.

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