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Artizan Thrilling Tales: Doctor Limpopo


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From Artizan's Thrilling Tales line, a distinguished academic in kente robes and kufi hat, with a colobus fly-whisk. A venerable elder deserving of respect and attention. 

I cheated a bit; a lot of the lines are in pen. Tried to make it clear there are at least two different patterns of cloth going on.

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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looks vibrant!

I have a feeling he will create a little voodoo doll of anyone who bothers him.

Oh, you WISH he did voodoo. You can get another witch doctor to undo curses or make countercharms.

No, if you bother him, he will invite himself over to your grandmother's house for tea and drop hints to her and your aunts that you are Not Respecting Your Elders Properly. 

Being cursed by dark ensorcellments is the preferable option. :lol: 



2 hours ago, Iridil said:

Wonderful freehand! Great character.

Thank you! Artizan is good at coming up with evocative sculpts and faces. 

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