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TripleH paints the Frost Giant Queen #77592


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Some may be aware (or not) but Reaper's Queen of Paint, Anne Foerster, has a Patreon going under the name of Painting Big. I am currently backing her at a level that give me an hour a month in a private video session. We decided to paint the same mini, Frost Giant Queen# 77592. The current focus of the lessons are concentrating on Layering then moving on to Glazing & Blending.


Today we had our first session via skype and here are pics of what was accomplished on my end. We did have some technical difficulties (mainly on my end) as she couldn't hear me and could barely see what I was doing so I could only communicate via chat.


Base skin color is a mix of Light Blue/Morning After Blues 2:1 ratio and lined with thinned Blue Liner.




The eyes I started with blocking them out with Blue Liner, then Linen white, Ancient Oak, and Pure white for the highlight.




This is where she is at the end of the first session.


Homework: Eyes on the other Giants from the Bones 3 KS, work on lining with thinned paint trying to get crisper lines.


Next session: Shading & Highlight of the face (and maybe the rest of the skin).

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Thanks for the plug TripleH! I'm sure we'll get the technical issues straightened out. ::):


I love this model so I'm looking forward to painting her as part of the mentoring. ::D: When I get a second I'll snap a photo of mine and put it up on here too!

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Late update.


February's class was on skin tones and highlighting:






We used Imperial Purple for the lipstick & eye liner as that will be the base color for the cloak. 



A girl has to color coordinate ya know. Especially when you're royalty. 


Still need to put highlights on the arms & legs.

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I've kinda let the updates go on this one so here are a few pics of what has been going on for the past 7 months:


The rest of her skin:











Starting to put highlights in (still need to finish this):







Bodice (also needs more highlighting):




Fur Cape (first time really doing some wet blending):




Next month the plan is to work on finish highlighting the purple cloak.



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