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Patrik Strom

Katarina, Hasslefree Miniatures

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Lovely figure and good colour choices.

I do hope the "problems" Hasslefree had with this kickstarter will not prevent them from doing a second one.

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Thanks for the kind comments!


8 hours ago, paintybeard said:

Lovely figure and good colour choices.

I do hope the "problems" Hasslefree had with this kickstarter will not prevent them from doing a second one.


Yeah. My miniatures arrived without problems but I'm quite saddened to hear of their problems. One of my favorite miniature companies, without question. I hope it works out in the end.

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1 hour ago, jdizzy001 said:

Great mini.

I followed this KS but didn't buy into it. What happened? Were they overwhelmed?


It has been a very difficult year for them and some people have been unkind about it.


Posted on their Facebook earlier this month:



Sally here:

2018 was a horrendous year and we are honestly trying to get it all sorted. We were getting on top of things until July when my adopted dad was diagnosed with 5 types of terminal cancer, he died on Remembrance Sunday. The funeral was in December.

I haven’t been online for work, I very rarely check emails and Dameon has simply been snowed under. I am aware that this has upset a lot of people but it was not something I planned for and to be honest not something that I am dealing with very efficiently, most days I still cry.

Please accept my apology for this.
Yes there is still a backlog.
Yes we are still trying to get the bottom of why Kickstarter orders are still missing.
Yes the email communication is still sporadic.
Yes you have the right to be frustrated.
Currently we have one person trying to do the job of two whilst also clearing up the mess left by an ex-employee things aren’t going to be rectified easily.
I cant apologise enough and sending me abusive emails and messages will not get your order issues sorted any quicker. I don’t know what else I can say except I am as frustrated with the slow progress as you are. I have never wanted the old HF back as much as I do now and wish we had never run the KS ::(:


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