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Section Discipline


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Force Organization Doctrine

Section Discipline

From our UTDF Sourcebook


Each section contributes a basic set of capabilities to the overall organization; this is called the section’s “discipline,” which defines the basic strategy for accomplishing objectives in combat. Understanding these disciplines also allows a player to understand the types of tactics that may be expected. It’s not just what you have, but how you have it and how you use it that can turn the tide of war in your favor.


Mission Specific Role

Mission Specific Roles have the ability to concentrate fire power towards a single discipline depending on the weapons profile. They are extremely good at what they do, but suffer in other areas; thus another specialized section may be required to cover for the areas this section type is weak at. Although limited in versatility, this section type is the strongest in its focused discipline.


Pure Mission Arrangement

Basically every model in that section is designated towards the same end, for example, a section of Dictators; it’s purely designed for hard target killing potential, for sake of definition, we’ll say the general premise is 4 of the same model types.


Similar Mission Arrangement

Generally the same thing as a Pure Mission Role, however you may have different models toward the same mission; thus you may have a better variety of speed, IFM capabilities, armor or such.

Example: Gladiator, Falcon, Mastodon and Dictator


Fluid Mission Role

A Fluid Mission Role is where the models in this unit have a wider range of capabilities, for these arrangements, individual model roles are further divided into specialized roles. Ideally, emphasis should be on speed, the same balanced ratio (2 fluid sections for 1 mission specific) can be used in the tactical and strategic levels of operation, thus, flanking units would be required to be fluid, in order to be best effective.


Balanced Arrangement

-Point Superiority; usually a heavier model dedicated towards hard target killing weapons profile, sometimes ECCM is used


-Flank Superiority; weapons profile is balanced between hard and soft targets. The ratio for this CAV type is 2 for every flank superiority unit.


-Localized Fire Support; IFM capable usually with antiaircraft abilities, chain lock pod sometimes equipped.

Example; A Duelist on Point, 2 Starhawk V on flank, and a Sovereign for local fire support.


Reversed Arrangement

-One Flank Superiority unit takes the role of point, while 2 Point superiority units take the role of flank. Localized fire support is still used.

Example: A Starhawk VI, 2 Dictator 70s on flank, and a Sabretooth for support


Split Arrangement

Two of one model type is used for offensive punch; the other two in the section provide additional abilities, like soft target weapons profile or IFM capabilities.

Example: 2 Mantis, 2 Sabretooth.


3 man mission specific with local support

We separated this type of section because this arrangement although it works well for superiority, it can be incredibly effective for support roles. Ideally, 3 of the four units are geared towards a single discipline and the fourth unit enhances the abilities of the other three. For instance, a Recon or ESM CAV with 3 fire-support CAV, the light CAV is equipped with a chain lock pod in order to coordinate fire between the units.

Example: Panther spotting for 3 Specters


Another option is 3 hard target discipline units with a balanced, Fire Support or Suppression role unit to deal with soft targets that may prevent the overall section from effectively maneuvering.

Example: 3 Ronin, 1 Thug for support, or 3 Ronin, 1 Specter for support, or 3 Ronin, 1 Sabretooth for support.


Another option is a heavier hard target disciplined unit for point superiority, the two flank superiority units are also hard target disciplined and the last unit is localized support. Of course in both cases the reverse discipline can be used.

Example: Rhino on point, 2 Tigers and a Blitz for support

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