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On 6/4/2019 at 10:07 PM, Vacaroja said:

My next victims! Muahaha! (Since I can't do the Grenadier pieces while I wait for bits.) The popular Temple Dragon: 77503 and a teeny, tiny Ral Partha dragon who is sitting there on the cork on the right.




Decided to paint these partially separated because after doing Nethyrmaul, despite his size, realized how difficult some parts are hard to get to when fully assembled. That belly!


Going to go with some crazy fun colors this time around.  Some base coat colors -




And then a couple patches of color testing - 




Because even though it's a more western-styled beast, when I heard the name "Temple Dragon", my brain thought about these type of temple dragons -

Must be a teenager.  Always likes to dye his head scales flashy colors and will scream at a mic first chance he gets




Careful or he'll bring the whole band in!


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He's my focus today.  I got the belly mostly fleshed out and the inside of the tail shadowed which allowed me to permanently glue him to the statue.  Then did some green stuff sculpting to fill in cracks and build a missing toe on the right arm.





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Here's where I ended up by the end of the day the last time. I had hoped to get farther, but I had tried to do a little fancy stuff on the belly side of the tail and was unsatisfied with it so repainted over the unhappiness. Blocked out most of the colors, though I still want to add some blue on the spines of the wings.  Holding off because I know I'll mess it up if I don't finish applying the green first. Most of the gradient is complete on the spines and down the back to the tail, just some polishing up here and there.  You can see on the tail, I'm starting to pop the green out more.




Let's see what I get done today!

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Here's what I ended up getting done today. First, I added some shadowing to the statue because I didn't feel it was really connecting with the dragon. Used Burgundy Wine which is the color I used as the dark base/shadow for the dragon.




I got the wings mostly painted which made me feel comfortable enough to finally glue them on.



20190608_233347 (600x800).jpg


Now I need to really push the green.  I want it to be brighter than it is right now. At least in several areas.

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Finally got these two pinned and primed. I'm trying to decide if I want to give them cool bases or just leave them as is.




The references for painting schemes.


Blue (left dragon) -





Green (right dragon) -




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Here we are with the base coats I started with this morning.  Yep, the green dragon is currently purple. Burgundy Wine to be more precise.




Focused on the blue guy tonight. He currently looks very weird with the pink belly against the blue. I don't think I'm going too dark with the shadows on this guy.  Clear blue is what I'm currently using for the shadows. We'll see how it works out as we flesh it out more.



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Well, due to a cat attack knocking over the blue dragon and snapping off his wings, he's been set aside and is on the mend. Even pinned, the wings on that one are still pretty sensitive. It's actually the 4th time I've had to reattach those wings.  Mostly due to cats, but once was because I knocked a glue bottle onto him. I did end up adding a base to both dragons too because they're also rather ill balanced and easy to tip over.


Green dragon got the attention this morning. He's no longer purple after a few waves of drybrushing.






Next will be going in with the fine brushes for the detail work.

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The blue dragon went very quickly today, just a couple hours to fully complete and ready to bite off some poor adventurer's head. It was a very simple palette of colors really.


Started out like this -



Did a quick wash of Citadel Seraphim Sepia Shade on the pink parts -



Then pushed up the highlights, deepened the shadows, and painted some toenails. Voila!



There's some details that are a little hard to see because the pic is a little too stark (for example, those eyes are actually brown/yellow), but we'll do fancier pics later and hopefully they'll show better.

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Thanks for the compliments! I'm learning a lot this year with all the different minis I'm doing.  Like I'm finding that there's a distinct difference on how I want/need to paint some of the old minis compared to the newer ones because of the type of detail that's on them.  The older ones have some quirky details, but really, they're much simpler sculpts and so it's easier to get some great finishes on them with simpler techniques. The more complicated minis of today compel me to want to spend more time on them and give them much fancier paint jobs.


Of course, I'm saying this just as I'm looking at my next dragon, also from the 80s, and it initially seems like a bit of work.

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