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OK! It's been a minute. And it's the end of the month and I haven't finished my dragon for the first month. The excuse is that I had to do two other dragons this month! But we're pressing on. I'm hoping to have it done by Monday, but I won't stress out about it. The bigger goal is that I finish it and the next one by the end of February.


Having said that, awhile ago I cleaned off the old primer from the little beast. My favorite thing to remove paint is Krud Kutter Graffiti Remover Gel. It works quickly - fifteen minutes and I have a mini ready to go. And with this mini, in particular, it sloughed off really easy and completely. More so than it does on plastic minis which I usually need two applications to remove the majority. I'm sure it was a combination of it being a metal mini and the primer type.




The nice thing about removing the old primer is seeing all the textural details like the ridges under the wings that were hidden under the pretty heavy coating. Also, whatever they used to glue the wings to the body was super strong. It means I have to deal with some of the minor bulges where they join, but luckily on this guy it's rather minor.





Of course, once I removed all the black primer, I primed him black again. Then I started sketching out the pattern I'm intending to paint on him.






It's still a rough sketch, I'm probably going to tone down the white patterning on the face a little.


Current colors being used - Uniform Brown, Dragon Black, Polished Stone, Marine Teal.



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I have been working on dragons!


After letting it sit for a bit because I wasn't too happy with the direction I was going on the black dragon, I did a redo. Basically, I felt like I was overthinking it and not listening to what the mini wanted, which was simplicity.


So here's where he ended up -



It's a quirky little model, being from the 80s with a different aesthetic. And I felt all the patterning I was starting to put on it was hiding all the little details, though simple, from really shining. In the end it's not the best paint job. A rather quick one really. But it fits the naivete of form more.


And now I've moved onto the next Dragon of the Month in the series, the red dragon.




Had to spend a decent amount of time on paint removal, was some old, thick, gooey stuff on him. And then I was so impressed with how firmly attached the wings were on the black dragon, it compelled me to go out and try some JB Weld epoxy for the first time on the red one. Worth the wait in drying time. I'm shaking it around and have tipped him over a few times and those wings aren't moving.




Compared to the black dragon, the red has a bolder texture and presence. And for some reason it made me think this mix of oriental dragon and the dragon from Beowulf. Very graphic and medieval. And that led me to go along with the more graphic aspect and I'm starting with some pre-shading to achieve that.




The little red part was my test bit to see that I wasn't doing something crazy because this little technique is going to take awhile. Not sure what to call it other than pre-shading. It's not really grisaille or zenithal. I don't know that I'd call it cell shading either which is a fun little trend going around right now. Either way, it will be laborious but I'm excited about the end results. I'm choosing to try and keep the color palette very simple too. Starting off with these and we'll see where it goes from here. The forest green might not make the cut in the end.



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Okay, I'm being honest with myself and admitting there's just no way I can keep the one dragon a month goal. I'm too attention deficit. And the laboriousness of the method, I kind of just have to be in the mood for this one. I mean, it's not like I haven't been painting. I've painted some 7-8 minis since the last time I posted here. They've just not been dragons!


But I'm back on this red dragon. As I've gone along I've loved the direction it's going. It's reminded me of the old D&D monster manual illustrations and that's a happy thing. More inspiration!





First half done, moving onto the other side. I've been doing it in little patches. Painting a small bit with the Blue Liner, then going back with Pure White to pull out the dots and textures. Why not just paint the whole thing dark and then paint the white bits? Because I'm finding it difficult to find the parts I want to paint white in the darkness. Doing small bits as I go along allows me to remember where they are, ha.




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Another dragon in the works. The red dragon was completed and I did make a show off thread in the appropriate forum section awhile ago.


I've moved onto the white dragon. Took some work to strip off the paint. Old enamel. Nice and gooey.

But except for the deepest sections, she came out pretty good.




I looked at some white snake images to come up with inspiration. For its base pattern, I'm using this as the inspiration.




There's that under layer colors of pink, peach, and tan which I really liked. And that eye! So I started with a base coat of Rosy Skin and Sandy Brown. Then have been adding Linen White on top of that.




Need to push it more towards white, and I think I want some yellow tone in there, but it's a decent start. And that eye!




I'm really happy with the reflection painted on it.


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Wow, I just found this thread and read all of your pages on it.  I knew you were a good painter after having spent time talking with you on Discord, but I wasn't expecting you to have shared all this.  I am super impressed, especially with your pattern painting on Knarthax.  Keep up the great work, and keep posting.

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On 8/18/2020 at 4:01 PM, TaleSpinner said:

Wow, I just found this thread and read all of your pages on it.  I knew you were a good painter after having spent time talking with you on Discord, but I wasn't expecting you to have shared all this.  I am super impressed, especially with your pattern painting on Knarthax.  Keep up the great work, and keep posting.

I've been so busy lately, I've not hadmuch time to be around. I just found this reply. Thanks, Talespinner!

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