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Geoff Davis

Mansions of Madness: Star Spawn of Cthulu

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Gorgeous! Love the OSL and the basing.


Mine two are currently resting on my Shelf of Shame; they were some of the first minis I tried to paint and I did a really really bad job of it. Knowing how nice they can look, I want to revisit them now....!

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    • By Disciple of Sakura
      Got ol Shubbu-Shubbu painted up a while ago, never got around to showing her off. The base has pieces of acritter from Cthulu-Wars, as well as tentacles from Reaper's Creature Components (03334) and a pile of skills from Forge Prints, as well as copious amounts of water effects for slime. Really enjoyed painting this abomination. I based the colors a bit on the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, as the mouth really reminded me of the beast.

    • By Chaoswolf
      I'm not sure what this is supposed to be; I got it as part of a figure lot on Ebay. Maybe an Otyugh? Maybe something C'thulu-ish? In any case I painted it for the Morihalda Challenge.


    • By JGroeling
      Finished off this little guy as a break from other projects. Fun figure. Experimenting a bit with my brush on this one. Like how it turned out with some of the textures and colors, but not 100% if it captured well enough on camera. 
      Think I need to build a mini lightbox to shoot my figs in. 

    • By Ratmaster2000
      So a co-worker friend of mine is getting into mini's and he likes the HP lovecraft game Mansions of madness. He is asking me if I could paint up his mini's for him and his friend (tabletop quality, nothing crazy haha), and what would I charge to do it. First off, any recommendations on asking prices? By the lot, per piece? Also, has anyone had experience painting these? Material (metal, plastic), what prep work? Do I texture the base? Any help is appreciated. Also, if this is the wrong place to post, please move it:)
    • By First_Chief
      The forces of madness are many and varied.  Ranging from the harmless mob to the terrifying star spawn. 

      The thin barrier protecting the world is a small group of people.

      I will be painting up the miniatures from Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and Recurring Nightmares.  Normally I would not start another work in progress while one is still unfinished, but we have been playing the game quite a bit and I have been running the Strange Aeons pathfinder set which is mythos based.  So I can use plenty of cultist.  These will be painted to table top quality.
      I also have completed a side project that was holding up my being able to paint.  An in progress photo is below.

      Some of the cultists have already been started and but I have been mainly working on cleaning up the mold lines.  I have been asked to work on one of the Chthonian so that is what I will be working on next.  Fantasy flight had painted versions of the miniatures, but at least on this one I did not like their paint scheme to much.  So I will be working on my own.

      I will probably work through most of the monsters first before starting the investigators as I have a greater need for them.
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