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The mighty Uruk Hai

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I can stop buying orcs at any time, I promise...


But for now I have a few boxes of plastic Uruk Hai from GW.


Here they are being glued to washers


And some test models, testing both a color scheme and different primers (as you can see).   Basecoated 


Then washed



The pikes: Basecoated 


Then washed




Uruk Basing_1.jpg

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4 minutes ago, ManvsMini said:

Always liked these models, I have a box myself that needs painted. You can never have too many orcs... never.


Can I ask why you are using the washers for bases instead of the ones that came in the box? Just like the extra weight?


I put all my infantry on washers so I can use magnets to store them.  With plastic minis the extra weight is also nice and originally I went to this system because I had some WW2 Sikhs that had plastic bodies with metal turbaned heads.  On plastic bases those guys had no chance of standing up.  

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I was aiming to get a maybe even a little more colorful with them but there is something about these guys that seems to pull toward a darker scheme.  


One thing I did was to basecoat the armor in green liner thinking that it would maybe bring out the red in the skin.  Not too sure how well it worked and even though these guys are pretty covered up, I don't think that the red really needs to be emphasized.

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