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Putting my wishlist together, there does not appear to be any speed paints this year. Dont know if they're just late or if they just aren't happening. Hope they're just late and get put up soon.

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Still no speed paints, but I got into the classes I wanted, but failed to get into the PFS Special this year. It filled up very fast. I should have put both Easy mode and Hard mode (not what they actually called them) in my wish list. "Easy" mode filled up first. Also the Kobolds ate my baby Fury Road game sold out well before my queue got below 3000.


No frostgrave or Ghost Archipeligo games so far this Gencon either which is odd since they sold out last year.

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Speed paints were posted this morning...


As for Frostgrave and GA, it’s all on volunteer GMs, so it depends on what they  feel like hauling and running any given year. Even if filled, that doesn’t mean the GM doesn’t have a different itch to scratch this year. 

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Last year they were all play the game with the writer events if I recall. Might have been a one time thing then. That's too bad. It didn't occur to me to look for frostgrave events until they were gone last year. Had really hoped to correct that this year.

Also I managed to snag two speed paint slots. So that's good at least.

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      Huh usually I put one of these up sooner than this. Just been busy I guess.
      Who's all going?
      How did you fair in the hotel lottery?
       So Sunday was event registration.
      Did you get into the events you wanted?
      My group did fairly well at the hotel thing this year even though we had to split the group this year. both hotels are fairly close.
      I got into most of the events I wanted. had some issues with the priority system preventing me from getting into events because it conflicted with another event that I would only be going to if I hadn't gotten into an earlier time. Yet some how it did allow me to sign up for 2 Speed paints that conflicted with other events that I got into. (and I only realized one before paying)
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