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2 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

They're stuff is really pretty.  last year I got to play a demo of the ruleset that starts as Dropfleet, you drop your armies and then the game proceeds to dropzone to continue the game and it has some serious effect on game play.  where you drop your pods suddenly becomes a lot more important because you have to make sure your pods don't spread too thin and that you can still provide support.


That... That definitely makes a case for having both. 


I wonder how much that table will cost this weekend... Not that it can be purchased online, sadly (or that I have funds to give to someone to buy it for me, lol) 

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Wyrd speed paint finals.        Not a clue what it is, but I got a prize for third place. 

And, last event, Reaper final speed paint.        Not the best picture...

Finished my two back-to-back speedpaint events...     Won Reaper round 5, and got a qualification for the Wyrd finals in the next round.    The Reaper gal is going

Posted Images

Home safe and sound. Sleep now. Feeling more worn than last year. Orc stomp really kicked my butt this year as well. Tried wearing my Beetlejuice costume on Saturday, but for some reason the makeup I have always used just started burning my eyes something fierce and I had to give up about halfway through the day. I ended up missing my Saturday speed paint because of it. My Thursday speed paint didn't go nearly as well as @Rob Dean 's but it was fun nonetheless. I did get a bronze for my wereshark in the painting contest. I'll hopefully put up some pictures in the morning.

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I had a great time at Gen Con!  I think my biggest hassle was getting to my airbnb from the airport - it was really very crowded and busy at the airport on Wednesday!  


I ran my four games for Dungeon Crawl Classics in their headquarters (127) and had a blast with each.  I was a little worries about running my games at 7 each day and being too tired, but actually the energy of the group having fun buoyed me up!  Heck, my last game was attended by a group of six friends, and they brought mead and beer which they shared with me, and that really went well.


I've got some pictures here and there of the dealer's room - I was tempted to go into the Kingdom Death booth, but honestly I have enough stuff waiting to be painted, that I didn't need to start anything new.  I realize that's heretical.


I had fun playing/demoing both Zombicide: Invader and Cthulhu: Death may die, which made me feel even better about my backing both.  Also, tried a CMON game called 'Foodies' which isn't the standard guys on a map game - it's a tableau building game where you're trying to build a food court with various synergies.  I had a fun time with it.


More later!

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Heading home now; I didn’t buy any new miniatures either.  My brother and I got our 4 miniatures games run, so that was a success.  I’m still pretty exhausted this morning...I feel like I used all of my carefully hoarded extrovert tokens this weekend, and it’s going to take some quiet time to begin to recharge.


Burrows and Badgers was popular, and the players all enthusiastic.






We had fewer takers for Chaos Wars, mass fantasy battles with vintage Ral Partha figures, but at least they were equally enthusiastic.





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I had a great time playing Burrows and Badgers hosted by Rob Dean and his brother. Everyone was nice and social at that event. 


I also played in a 5th ed D&D battle royale that was a lot of fun and got a bunch of my Magic cards signed by the artists for my cube.


I didn't buy too much. A couple t-shirts, a metal D20 (never had one before) and a pad to roll it on. I also picked up a game called "Amazing Tales" to play with my kiddos. They came with me on family day and did the kids painting event. I didn't buy any minis, but my kids picked a few out of the Ral Partha bargain bin and Rob Dean gave away some Oathsworn minis at his event. 


Chilling at my sister's place now. Our flight out of town is this afternoon. 

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Congratulations to all the award winners!  Looking forward to pictures.


Did anyone else see the will call line on sunday?? I'm afraid we wound up buying new tickets.  The one person I knew in the line wound up waiting 2 hours in line to get her tickets and she wasn't at the end of the line.


The line to just walk up and but the day ticket was 5 minutes....  they may have to rethink their people handling methods

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12 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

It was a pleasure gaming with you as well—you should definitely come up to Harford county and play some games with us!



In case Rob didn't give you the details, we have our club's regional con, BARRAGE, coming up the end of September.  



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On 8/6/2019 at 9:58 AM, Kangaroorex said:

Congratulations to all the award winners!  Looking forward to pictures.


Did anyone else see the will call line on sunday?? I'm afraid we wound up buying new tickets.  The one person I knew in the line wound up waiting 2 hours in line to get her tickets and she wasn't at the end of the line.


The line to just walk up and but the day ticket was 5 minutes....  they may have to rethink their people handling methods


The will call line was long most mornings, although when I paid attention it at least seemed to move pretty quickly.  Maybe they were low on people by Sunday?  I don't know.


I happened upon the line on Friday around mid-day and discovered that it had contracted to the pipe and drapes, so I happily jumped into line and picked up my tickets.  


I understand that some events were using an electronic ticket system, where they just have to scan your badge.  I went to a podcast recording session for Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff that used this method.  Hopefully it spreads.


On 8/6/2019 at 6:28 PM, HornedTurtle said:

Did anyone happen to try out the new Stargate RPG? They had demos but I can't find any information online.


I went through the dealer's room many times, but didn't see this.  


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    • By Inarah
      My husband and I run the Paint and Take table at a local convention, Recruits.  It's held at the high school, admission is free for all area students, games are child friendly, etc.  We get really good turnout.  The paint table is free for kids of all ages, even grownup kids, and it is funded entirely with donations.  All of the figures, all of the paint, water cups, brushes, etc come from the wonderful community we have here, from the internet, and from vendors.  It's typical for me to arrive early Saturday to set up and find one or more anonymous boxes of figures or paint waiting.  A couple of years ago at Reapercon folks helped fill a box with mouslings for me to give away.  I could not do this without the support I get from the painting and gaming community. 
      So here is this year's class:
      (BTW, if you got stuff in your Bones4 core that you do not want, find me at next year's Reapercon, I will see it goes to a good cause)
      This is our table about ten minutes after setting up.  Busy the entire day. 

      Some of the fine works of art created by the kids who participated.  They look forward to this all year. 



      Got to pick up more baby dragons next year. I only had the one and it resulted in crying. :(  




      More later, 
    • By EvilJames
      So finally got around to taking my pictures of my minis from Gencon. I took a bronze for Rumscratch.

      I was fairly happy with his little beach there, even if the water doesn't show well on camera.

      My elf sailor was also entered, but not judged, since they only judge one of your entries per catagory.

      He doesn't look very friendly. He was supposed to though.
      I did a Wyrd miniatures speed paint of the Immolated Rhino.

      I didn't know anything about this guy other than it was a rhino. Didn't even know the name until just now, so I made it pink. I made it very very pink.
      wish I could have come up with something to do with the cracks in his skin. I just kind of ignored them.

      this guy is a deep cuts guard. I did him up in a color theory class.

      I don't think he turned out too bad considering the size of the brush I used on him.

      I'll probably touch him up eventually.
      Questions, comments, concerns?
      I also took a miniature photography class and as side effect, learned what a few of the icons on my phones camera do. 
    • By Generic Fighter
      Here they are! My Repainted Prizes for the D&D Minis Guild Events at GenCon 2019!


    • By Generic Fighter
      So, It is that time of year again! When the winds of flatulence waft the delecate aromas of nerdfunk into ones nostrils! The Convention season is here! And I won't be going to one! At least not a big one. So no GenCon for me :( But I'm still supporting the DDM Guild events there! So, I'm sharing my WiP pictures here.


      The "Thundercorn" as I am calling it, is nearly done. just a bit of touch ups and the base to go.


      The Pit Fiend just has the base coats on at this time.




      The White Wyrmling has the second layer of shading started.


      This is a Scaladar. I think it is supposed to be a robot scorpion that shoots lightning. I have a rather ambitious plan for it though. It has a bunch of cracks in its armor and joints. I'm painting those cracks to look like it has bright crackling lightning inside it! Then I plan to paint the armor a bronze or brass.
    • By Disciple of Sakura
      For the last three years, I've gotten to attend Origins in Ohio, and have really loved doing the Reaper Speedpaint (and even won last year). I was hoping to go and participate in the Speedpaint again this year, but I was going through the Origins 2019 event schedule and didn't see a single entry from Reaper. Is Reaper not going to be at Origins this year, or at least not hosting any events?
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