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Does anyone use some sort of software to keep track of their miniature collections? With pictures and/or searchable tags?


Anyone in the hobby for a while, and who invested in Bones (and many other miniature) Kickstarters; Warhammer armies; Heroclix armies; individual or box sets at your FLGS or online store, etc. has accumulated so many that they tend to forget what exactly they own anymore.


I know I went over the 1000 individual miniature mark after Bones 2. And with Bones 4 around the corner, it keeps growing alarmingly fast. And I know I'm not the only one.


Sure for the Kickstarters miniatures, I can always go back to the original campaign page and look up the images. But there certainly must be a simple application that would do the same job as Reaper's tag search, but without requiring coding skill.


I think my ideal format would be something that would show: Picture; name; company; manufacturer code (if available); sculptor name (if available); and any amount of tags (male - fighter - sword - elf - bow), and then filter the results.


I know it can be done; I just don't know how.


I know there are image organization software, movie collection software, comic book collection software, music collection software, etc. But haven't found anything more generic for miniatures.


February 2019 Update: I'm taking the Excel route afterall.

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So I've started my database with Excel afterall.   Started with a few Wizkids pre-primed, then went on with my non-Reaper Kickstarter minis.   Instead of saving pictures within th

I woldn't have included price....     It would make it possible to get an idea of how much I'm spending on this...     

For a while, I was using a simple home database tool to track everything, which was great for tracking lots of fields, including photos and other information, but that program went out of support and

14 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

I use a spreadsheet...   

You can read more about it here;




I remember me and others asking the same general question in the past, but wondered if anyone found more practical solutions.


I thought of using Excel, but I don't know how to implement a workable tag search in it for any keyword I could come up with.

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2 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Anyone in the hobby for a while, and who invested in Bones (and many other miniature) Kickstarters; Warhammer armies; Heroclix armies; individual or box sets at your FLGS or online store, etc. has accumulated so many that they tend to forget what exactly they own anymore.


How could I ever forget such heroes and the foes they faced/will face? Does Odin keep an attendance roster at Valhalla? Does Zeus need a list of the horrible monsters he uses to test the mettle of men? NEVER!!!!


Ok, kidding aside, I don't have this problem despite the mountain of pewter I have (now, locating it is another matter). I see someone has already mentioned MS Access, which would be my suggestion. I am surprised it isn't working for him, though I guess that depends on what you need it to do.


I have not used it recently (since 2012?), but we used it at a lab I once worked in to keep chemical inventory. It worked better than Excel for that task, since it is a management software. At the time, it was part of the MS Office package, and hopefully they haven't gotten rid of any of the features. Not sure if it could handle a picture inclusion, since we never needed to try them.


@TripleH what version of Access are you using?

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I use Office 365 and/or 16, depending on what machine I'm on. The only problem is portability. If I'm out and about (ReaperCon, FLGS) then I sometimes end up with duplicates since I don't have access to my database. 


Access will handle picture inclusion.


Having something that would sync between Windows and Andriod would be very helpful.

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I use google sheets because I like being able to access it on my phone (when I’m out in a shop looking at things) as well as on my laptop or Mac at home without having to worry about “is this the most updated version?” Mine is only in the beginning stages of implementing tags, but I also use excel almost exclusively for work stuff so I’m sure it can be done to a high level. Google sheets does have a few things missing that I find handy in excel, but overall I’m very pleased with it. I stole the basic framework of my sheet from someone on this forum (sorry, can’t remember who) but have heavily modded it

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For a while, I was using a simple home database tool to track everything, which was great for tracking lots of fields, including photos and other information, but that program went out of support and barely works these days. When I had it up-to-date, I tracked a lot of information, including:




material (lead, pewter, resin, Bones, etc.)


genre (my call)

game system (if any)


photo (or generic product photo from the web)

condition (painted, primed, damaged, new, etc.)

Packaging (e.g. Reaper Bones blister, pack, Privateer Press tuck box, etc.)


and, most crucially:


location (i.e. where did I put the durned thing!?)

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I used to use Access, and I really liked it, but when I got a new PC I didn't want to pay for the new yearly scheme from Microsoft, so I switched to Google Sheets.  I am happy with my current solution, especially since I can access it from my phone.

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Gosh darnit, I finally figured out how to make Excel do want I want it to do with advanced filtering and a custom search zone. So now I can use any combination of search tags to search any mini. :winkthumbs:


Now to see if I can do the same with Google Sheets (which I've never used), or LibreOffice Calc. :unsure:


And if I have enough motivation to actually do it. :down:

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Motivation is hard.

Having let my catalog get out of date, the idea of re-inventorying it is... stressful.


I might enjoy it, if I had a solid week to sit down and go through everything on my own time and terms, but I mean a week of no work, no family, no household chores, etc. I do not foresee that happening any time soon.

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    • By Mothsniper
      The way of the Dawi-kin

      A goal of Acquiring every single Reaper Dwarf and painting em up.

      Master check list has been put together that will be updated with time.

      Any duplicate model will receive conversion using Reaper weapons.

      I like my check-off lists and achievement progress icons.
      Green box indicates the mini is owned, the picture next to model indicates that is has been painted.
      Reaper, Dwarf Mancatcher, sku: 14463
      Made this guy a Noblemen with bright colored clothes and golden glave.

      Reaper, King Axehelm of Kragmarr, 77478
      Wanted a dirty worn look on this dwarf kind, and a high contrast in color scheme of white and red.
      Made a mistake on this one using wrong type of shade that made everything glossy, had to layer addition shades of different brand to take out the gloss. turned out a bit darker than planned.

      Reaper, Dwarven Brewmeister, 02559
      Quite a strait forward model to paint.
      Did not want crazy colors for this guy.

      A variation of royal blue color scheme with gold patterns and closed eye lids could be interesting.
      The rest of the gang. Those mugs man, are like half the size of that poor little barrel.
      Wanted grouped colors of tans and browns to create tonal contrast instead of use of intense colors.
      These are quite easy to paint, good models.

      Reaper, Hagar, Dwarven Hero, 77482
      Wanted to make Hagar and Durgam Deepmug into a two brother team of green-beards.
      Just leather, iron, and green.

      Reaper, Durgam Deepmug Dwarf Hero, 77400
      The green-beard brother of Hagar.
      Rangers both, with green rune weapons

      Reaper, Dwarf Royal Weapomaster, 77574
      There is nothing royal about this malicious looking guy.
      Went for high contrast red/white.
      I was thinking of possible conversions, I don't know, this is not the most interesting dwarf model they have for that.

      Reaper, Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior, 77011
      Gave him axe and a shield from reaper Weapon pack III
      Usually I do not go for bright colors, yet this warrior needed some frost armor! (too much terreria of late)

      Reaper, Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior, 77011
      The original model with a bit older paint job, or battle dirt paint job ;)
      But with TrueBlood effect paint from GreenStuff

      Reaper, Freja Fangbreaker , 77073
      This is one of the cooler looking models, even though was a bit hard to paint.
      Older paint job, dirty, battle weathered.
      Went with Conan the Barbarian face paint.

      Reaper, Freja Fangbreaker , 77073
      Same model with Weapon Pack III axe upgrade.
      Most recent paint job, cleaner with different paint scheme of bronze and green.

    • By Metalchaos
      Good day everyone, I've been working on a diorama display for some time now and I thought some of you may like the see my progress. I used AutoCad for my sketches and Inventor to build the 3D model. Then I used Blender to texture the model and Slicer to generate de code for my Prusa printer. The following pictures are the steps I went through so far. It’s my first big project. It's taking long but it's a learning experience. Let me know what you think about it so far.
      The first image is a screenshot of the final model in Inventor.

      Some sketches in AutoCad software.

      Floor part in Invetor software.

      Generating the code of the floor in Prusa Slicer software.

      I got a printing error while printing the floor. The plastic filament and I had to stop the print.

      On the next picture, we can see how the parts are on the inside. There is some supports but most of the part is empty to save on printing time and material.

      I decided to print the remining floor tiles individually to salvage what I had already been printing. I then glued each tile on the base.

      I had another printing error on the column, and I had the print another one.

      The column was printed at the highest level of quality my Prusa i3 MK3S can print, which is at a 0.05mm of precision.

      The arch was also printed at 0.05mm.
      The level of detail is amazing. Even the ring was printed flawlessly without support.

      Here’s a screenshot of the wall assembly after I completed texturing it in Blender.

      Here’s a screenshot of the wall assembly in Slicer. I generated the code with supports to make sure the door arch would be print perfectly.

      It looks perfect like this, so I didn’t see a problem coming.

      Some parts of mu model were not right, there were some gaps. The software filled these gaps with support material, so when I see the issue, I decided not to stop the printing session. The support material is showing in drak green the the simulation.

      After, when I generated the code without support, I could clearly see the gaps. I think this happened because there were errors, holes I didn’t correct or masking I didn’t remove, on the model I imported from Blender. I will need to investigate farther.

      See the result after I removed all the support. Removing the support takes forever by the way. I’ll try to avoid supports if possible, in the future.

      Here’s a picture of the wall. It took 40 hours to print only and probably another 40 hours to build, texture and clean the model. I still need to fill the gaps the Greenstuff.

      Here are all the parts I printed for this project.

      And, all the parts together. I haven’t glue anything yet. There is still some sanding and cleaning to do. I will paint each part separately.

      I patched the gaps with liquid Green Stuff.

      Closeup of the first layer of liquid Green Stuff.

      I converted a 02712 Eye Best from Reaper Miniatures. This is the pewter version of model that was sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I added eye stalks from the 03440 Creature Components II, also from Reaper.



      The Eye Best will be pinned on the wall and the door. All the adventurers I'll be displaying on the diorama are from Reaper Miniatures Dungeon Dwellers brand. From left to right; 07012 Caerindra Thistlemoor, 07004 Stitch Thimbletoe, 07002 Baran Blacktree and 07008 Luwin Phost.


      The models can be moved from a recess to another to allow different layouts.


      More to come soon!
    • By heruca
      The MapForge software (which runs on Mac & Windows) was designed to create customized tactical-scale battlemaps for RPGs, and is already supported by an impressive 80+ mapping content Add-Ons (12 of which are free!) covering all major game genres. Maps produced with the software can either be printed for use at the gaming table, or used in virtual tabletop software such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.
      But despite the wealth of fantasy mapping content already available, GMs have been clamoring for even more. So we've got some great new content lined up, and are raising funds to cover the porting/development costs.
      Click here or on the image below to check out the latest Kickstarter campaign for MapForge, which just launched two days ago.

      Note that the software itself is already developed and available (though a new version is due out later this month); this crowdfunding campaign is only to fund the development/porting of the new fantasy-genre mapping content.
      Fairly quick delivery of rewards is expected (August), and there are no shipping costs involved, since it's all digital downloads.
      Campaign launched on: May 22, 2019
      Campaign ends on: June 17, 2019
      Some boardgamers and wargamers were quick to catch on that the software can also be used to produce custom game boards or tiles for games such as Myth, Descent, HeroQuest, Aliens, Skull Tales, and many others.
    • By Rob Dean
      So, in the course of loading my miniatures onto the storage shelves last weekend, I opened a box of partially painted figures to find this group.  Sold by Archive in the late '70s, I've owned these since then.  My original paint job on them was unappealing enough that I didn't end up rebasing them in the great rebasing I undertook in the late '90s, and they languished until I started reworking vintage fantasy stuff from my collection around 2015.  Unfortunately they have been languishing again since then, so when I found them this weekend, I decided to dry brush the heck out of them and base them up for gaming.  



    • By heruca
      When it comes to map-making software and mapping assets for pen-and-paper RPGs, the sci-fi genre usually gets short shrift.
      GMs of sci-fi RPGs like Starfinder, Star Wars RPG, Traveller, Shadowrun, Stars without Number, and other game systems need and deserve a good set of tools and assets to create great looking battlemaps, whether printed for use at the gaming table, or for use in virtual tabletop software like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.
      I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to try to provide a turnkey solution for this under-served market. I hope some of you will check it out. 
      If you've invested in nicely painted minis, you'll want nice battlemaps to place them on. No need to limit yourself to non-customizable pre-printed battlemaps.

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