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'Meremaid Reapercon entry


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3 minutes ago, Serenity said:

Cool project.  Since you asked for comments, is Xiloxoch a must-use part of this?  I would have selected a thinner and perhaps shorter snake body for the lady.  It would read more mermaid-like to me.

Honestly, I just started looking for alternate pieces I could use since I didn't like the other mermaid bodies I had and I happened to see the naga. 

I definitely agree that she's a little less mermaid-y, but several larger (out of production!!! :( ) minis have similar proportions. 


Thanks for your comment tho! I didn't even think about it again once I found a piece I already had that fit the bill. lol

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The Beautiful Melusine! There's precedent for the long snake-tail in European folklore. 

A lovely execution of a brilliant idea so far.  

Cattail reeds might be good for a marshy area; I bet "hot-dogs" of GreenStuff on floral wire would do the trick. And lily pads should be supremely easy to sculpt.

Snails, turtles, and frogs are all good swampy fauna, too. Maybe a wading bird like a heron. 

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8 minutes ago, Rigel said:

The Beautiful Melusine! There's precedent for the long snake-tail in European folklore. 

A lovely execution of a brilliant idea so far.  

Cattail reeds might be good for a marshy area; I bet "hot-dogs" of GreenStuff on floral wire would do the trick. And lily pads should be supremely easy to sculpt.

Snails, turtles, and frogs are all good swampy fauna, too. Maybe a wading bird like a heron. 

I have cattails and lily pads already! 

I'll have to look up melusine, I'm not familiar! 

Thanks for the swampy fauna! I was drawing a blank. Lol

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Alright! I had to work a few days, and had a few failures, but here's the update!

I had 3 back to back resin fails... but then I had a success! I figured out that I am just going to have to do multiple pours. And I bought a new mold to try out. 

So, fail with demoulding and building my own mold. 


Then the first pour worked out fine.


Then the second and third pours. I discovered that the 3rd pour was the clearest and least bubbly, so I will be going with 50mL pours for my future attempts.

You can definitely see the lines of the different pours, so that's my next hurdle. Always gotta have a hurdle. But you can also see how much better that third layer is. Considering I used the same technique for each layer and the volume was the only variable, I think I have a winner.


I also finally managed to get the corners completely filled!!! My hypothesis was that my reaction was kind of running away with itself, and I needed to try smaller volumes. Looks like I was right on that note.


So, that's where I am right now. Hoping to have some painting to show for here soon. Just been pretty busy, and I have to be in the right headspace to paint. Otherwise I hate whatever I do. ;)


Hope y'all enjoyed it!


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4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That looks great!

Who made those cat tails?


The scene is coming along fine, I think it will tell a great story when finished.

 Hmm.. It appears my pictures loaded funny in mobile.. Sorry about that. 


Thanks so much! I have high hopes! 

They're from Woodland scenics I believe. I have a ton of other aquarium greenery I have repainted to serve as swamp foliage as well! 

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Did some more work last night until the Tiny Overlord decided that was unacceptable. Lol

My tempted man's hand finally fell off. It had been manipulated quite a bit, so I was pretty much expecting that. Ordered 2 new ones, just in case. 


Then I painted some small details just o I remember they're there. Mostly that wood pieces. I'm going to get my airbrush fired up and do some painting on it so I don't risk a dry brush on all the little pieces. 20190205_222839.thumb.jpg.34ce7645ba71301dee28d8f3bf40c290.jpg

Right now it kind of looks like a hornets' nest, but I like it!. There are 2 femurs at the bottom, and more to come. When the air dry clay hardened, it shrunk back a little. So I'm having to do som excavation to get her in there now. I may end up just building it up some more around her. We'll see. My goal for today is to make a mockup of this (just some air dry clay and my leftover mud mixture) and pour some resin on it and see how it does. My concerns are that it may have a lot of bubbles. 

The other thing I need my airbrush for is to work some more on these aquarium plants. Brushing them is pretty tedious, and I think an airbrush would lend a softer touch. 


They'll be clipped and added all over for a swampy feel. The one sitting next to the dot of glue is a kind of makeshift fern. 

So, that's my new progress! 

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