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Black 3.0


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The blackest black paint available. Absorbs 98-99% of light. 


Black 3.0 is a super special acrylic paint. We have spent nearly 2 years tweaking its formulation to create a black that absorbs between 98 and 99% of visible light! Quite simply we've created the blackest black acrylic paint. Black 3.0 brush applied to sculpture Last November we shared a beta batch of Black 3.0 with 1000 artists around the world for feedback and thoughts. We've now taken that information and reformulated it to be the best black we could possibly make. All the photos and video content on this page are created with the final formulation of Black 3.0 from the UK factory that are producing it for us, we are excited to be playing with it and feel like it's perfect!We need your help so that we can pay the paint factory to produce their minimum order quantity of our recipe so we can share our creation with everyone!

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Intriguing, but when demoing just how black this paint is....  Take a close look at the photo of the paint samples...  Notice how there is significantly more shadows on the left, and doubly so the bottom left, where the new blackest black 3.0 is? 


... And then the sheet is held curved, against this uneven light that's coming from the right, but isn't aimed at the center of the scene... Colour of the light also changes from top right to bottom left, going from a neutral white that's slightly daylight hued down to a much warmer, almost incandescent bulb colour... 


Why is the picture not wtih even lighting across the scene and with a flat surface...  And to further bolster the claim, have the picture taken from several different angles too, as artists in general will have their work looked at from multiple angles. 


Photographers use light relationships with their subject to provide the kind of picture they want to provide... Even street and landscape photographers do this...  They just use available light, instead of studio lights, but same principle applies. 


Now, if it's truly that black, and matte...  Congrats to them. 

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I have their 2.0 and it's not all that much more black than what anyone else sells. 

So I'm on the fence on this one for now. 


The REAL black stuff is made with carbon nanotubes. (google Vantablack) and absorbs 99.96% of all light. 

Unfortunately, there's TWO reasons why we don't use that on minis...

1. It must be baked on, similar to what is done with powdercoatin in the industry, and most minis doesn't like the temp, and 

2. A hack by the name Anish Kapoor has an exlusive license for using it in art...   

(Which is why black 2.0 has a note on it that it's not for resale to him... )


Nanolab in Massachusett have also developed a nanotube Black, called Singularity black. 

This one IS available, even in small 'sample' bottles, and while it also requires baking, is also available in a 'low temp' version that might be usable for some minis.(Not Bonesium, though)   


Imagine a typical Reaper or other supernatural with hood and/or cape. Imagine that the inside of the hood or cape is painted with this material...     


Yeah, that. 

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If it can really hide details, then YES I want it. 


I just wish they had smaller bottles. 

The cost of that 150ml bottle is £25, and with their horrible shipping costs, I end up way over the VAT free limit. And I'm not going to pay out half that again to get it into Norway. 

If they had a 60ml bottle at a reasonable cost, I wouldn't mind taking a chance...

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Look what just came up for the consumer market: Black 3.0! It's a version of that patented "blackest black imaginable" acrylic paint that caused such a ruckus a few years ago:


World's Blackest Black Is Even Darker on My Modern Met (There's a Kickstarter here if you don't want to click through the article.)


I think I'll order some, because I'd love to try it. Possibilities? I'm thinking eyes, definitely eyes. And maybe terrain features like portals. 



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