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goblin mooks, bones 3


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    • By Thoramel
      I've painted these goblins 3 times now. Once as per normal, once with guns, and now as musicians. Got 3 more sets left from Bones 4 and am looking forward to modifying these 3 more times. 
      I'm still trying to come up with a group name for these crazies.


    • By Ducknuck84
      Finished up my set of 6 Goblin Warriors for a game i will be DM for in April. Really happy with how they came out. Gnoll flesh paint from the Dungeon Dwellers set (really hope i can get this paint separately at some point) worked wonders for the Goblins and I think will be my go to for them from now on so as they have a distinct feel to them rather then having the same color set as say an Orc. Also because everyone knows that Goblins never take care of their weapons I was finally able to use my MiG rust pigments that have been siting around for about a year now and thing they turned out nice. Also getting more comfortable using the Happy Seppuku base stamps with green stuff. If I were to change something I think the only thing i would change next time removing them from the base as they don't take paint as well as other broccoli bases. Also and this is more of a style idea rather then a change, After watching some of the Goblin Slayer anime i'm intrigued by the idea of giving Goblin eyes a horizontal pupil, like a goats eye rather then the normal vertical as it does make them look slightly more unsettling.
      Finally as some flavoring if my players ask about the sword swinging goblins copper armor after the defeat him I will tell them (on a successful investigation check ) that in a surprising feat of Goblin ingenuity you find that this goblins has taken old copper coins from his victims and sewed them to a leather backing to create a set of crude armor if you take the time to remove the coins you find that you get about 70cp to add to your cash while the brass one will just be brass studs they flattened.    
      All in All Happy with my new Mob squad.

    • By Evilhalfling
      Or Bones 3 goblins.   these grunts are really tiny
      speed painted them for a D&D game I was running for daughter - then counted my bones goblins - surely they are not going to need all 22 painted goblins...
      They called in some centaur allies and attacked the whole tribe head on.  I ran out of figures, and the goblins retreated after taking 60% casualties. 
      the underboss and witch doctor both lived to fight again, but the centaur allies are calling it a day. 

    • By Kev!
        Last of the skirmishers...

    • By Kev!
        Oh, look he's got a sword...

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