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Mushroom Men: 77345


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9 hours ago, malefactus said:

The Mushroom Fellows are BEAUTIFULLY painted creations. Your choice of colors is WONDERFULVERY WELL DONE!

I never thought of adding moss to my Mushrooms' caps; it adds a certain something to the miniature...good idea.

Thank you! I thought they would fit in with your mushroom creatures! As for the moss, the sculpt had a couple crinkly, bumpy places on the cap. It maybe was just the skin of the mushroom puckering or something but since it was a totally different texture, I decided to make it moss. So I first painted it green then flocked it!



7 hours ago, Iridil said:

These are outstanding from the beautifully shaded caos to how you captured pale mushroomyness on the stalks - what color did you use for the stalks?

Thank you!


I base coated it with P3 Hammerknell Khaki and then used army painter soft tone to give it a thick wash. Then I used P3 Jack Bone to brush over most of the area except the shadows. Then I used P3 Mennoth White Base to start picking out highlights and then Mennoth White for the highest highlight. Then I added Vallejo glaze medium to the Jack Bone and glazed all over to smooth the blends. I also added glaze medium to both mennoth whites and glzaed that back over anywhere I wanted a little brighter (mainly lips and eyebrows). Oh, and the little protrusions I used Bootstrap Leather, light wash with soft tone, and then edged them in the Jackbone and whites.



Thanks, everyone! I can't take credit for their expressions as the sculpts do most of the work! They are seriously cute!

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