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Bones Black Question - Thin Weapons, Etc. ...

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Really excited about the new Bones Black minis!


So far, the two previews we've seen have both been Large creatures with no weapons (sword, spear, staff, etc.)


What I am REALLY interested to see is if smaller (human size) Bones Black figures will still have the overly thick weapons (the aforementioned sword, spear, staff, etc.) common on current Bones. These huge weapons / items have always bugged me - they are probably my biggest complaint about Bones in fact. My understanding is that are so large / extra thick because Bones material is bendy when it's thin, so they make things that should be thin ... way thicker than they should be to help combat this.


Given that Bones Black is so much more rigid - can we dare hope for swords, spears, staffs, and the like that are more realistic in size and thickness? 

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