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Orc Warband Collectors by Yedharo

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Some pretty good deals in the early bird specials:



Offering 30mm, 70mm, Busts and 1/10 (::o:) Scale figures.  Something for everyone!  ::D:


I got the early bird 4 bust deal.  FWIW I have some of their earlier figures and they've been very good quality.

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I won't be joining this one, as there's nothing I need here. Some very tempting deals, though, and I really love some of their sculpts.


I have their older 72mm "Virgo" angel. She's a really lovely sculpt, though a little static. It looks like they've continued to improve, I would certainly recommend their product.

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3 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

I have wanted some Yedharo stuff for awhile so this is looking good to me.  I'm glad to hear that they are descent sculpts.  

The Virgo figure had a few issues with assembly (her ankles were very narrow and her wings fitted oddly), but overall she's a nice sculpt and was cast well. None of these orcs look quite as finicky, so I doubt they will have the same issues.

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Well this one is chugging along.  Just unlocked the Orc Female Boss bust (say that three times fast), and we'll probably get to the 30mm Orc Warlord today or tomorrow.  I really want the Orc Queen on beast, but since she costs almost as much as my 4 bust early deal,  I'm not sure my wallet will allow it.  Hopefully I can add on in the Pledge Manager.

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On 2/1/2019 at 8:32 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Oooooh those look nice, but I already have a decent enough backlog as it is...


My backlog is quite extensive as well but I keep adding more because I don't want the ones at the back of the line to get lonely :rolleyes:

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Couple recent unlocks for the final 24h push!


Still can't decide between these and the Ouroboros campaign.  I like that I can get 4 busts here for what it would cost me for 1 in the other campaign but these are quite a bit smaller and I already have a couple different orc busts so not sure I need more.  Although with my limited display area maybe some smaller busts might be nice.  Better decide soon!

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