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Okay, this topic seems to have taken over a differnt thread, so let's split it off.


'Hammer wrote

If you like the Hornblowers, check out 'On Basilisk Station' by David Weber. Hard-science fiction Space Opera.
Cedar wrote
Be ready to set aside a couple of months of reading time once you start on David Weber. †The Harrington Series is addictive and extensive. †<snip>Oh, and BTW, if you like Weber/Harrington, you have to try Lois McMaster Bujold's series on Miles Vorkosigan! †I like it even better than Harrington.


so I'll look for these today while I'm out, any other suggestions?



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Well, you got the main one I'm reading, the Webers. (yum-yum). I would also reccomend 'The Forever War' and 'War Year' by Joe Haldeman. In the fantasy vein, read 'Game of thrones' by George R. R. Martin. It's a thick read, but great stuff. For realistic Dark-Ages goodness, check out 'The Winter King' by Bernard Cornwell. By the same author, check out 'Sharpe's Eagle', Cornwell took the Heroic Naval Officer, and made him into an Army Officer during the Pennusula Campaign in Spain. Good stuff to read.


Didn't I mention I worked at a Sci-Fi Fantasy bookstore?



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I'll go with the standards of Wheel of Time (series) by Robert Jordan and the Belgariad series by David Eddings.


I've also really enjoyed and read the Recluce and Soprano Sorceress series by L.E. Modesitt. I can't recommend "The Game of Thrones" series enough. It's fantastic.


The Riftwar/Daughter of Empire series by Raymond Feist, The Runelords series by David Farland and the "Dark Glory Way" and "Fortress Draconis" by S.M. Stirling are also great.


There's a million more... but those are my "must read" when a new book in the series is published.


:)  :)

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For realistic Dark-Ages goodness, check out 'The Winter King' by Bernard Cornwell. By the same author, check out 'Sharpe's Eagle', Cornwell took the Heroic Naval Officer, and made him into an Army Officer during the Pennusula Campaign in Spain.

The Winter King is part one of the Arthurian Trilogy by Cornwell and all 3 are excellent. I have 2 HOTT armies based on this trilogy. Unputdownable. And the Sharpe series came well before Hornblower - books are great and the TV show with Sean Bean as Sharpe is fantastic.

Also by Cornwell and highly reccommended by me is 'Harlequin', the first in a series based around a 'modern' quest for the Holy Grail, set during the Hundred Years War. Culminates in the battle of Crecy and is great writing.


I will also throw into the ring anything by David Gemmel, but especially 'Legend', 'The Legend of Deathwalker', 'Druss the Legend' and the Rigante triptych (not really a trilogy as they are set many hundreds of years apart).

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The Riftwar/Daughter of Empire series by Raymond Feist,

Oh, bleep, yes! I'm a huge Feist fan... Just finished reading the two import riftwar books (that were released UK only for some reason)... VERY good. He hasn't lost his touch...


Also, I'd reccomend either the "The Seventh Sword" series, or the "Great Game" Series, or any of the "King's Blade" books by Dave Duncan. Good work, all of them.


The "Camber of Culdi" series by by Katherine Kurtz is good... the first few books (The original Deryni series) are a bit slow, but they really pick up with the second trilogy... I enjoyed them very much.


Lastly, I just finished the "Dragonbone Chair" again, for the third time. Great book. Great series... Tad Williams rocks.

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My favorites of late:


Legend of the Five Rings: Clan War series:

Scorpion (Stephen Sullivan)

Unicorn (Allison Lasseur)

Crane (Ree Soesbee)

Phoenix (Stephen Sullivan)

Crab (Stan Brown)

Dragon (Ree Soesbee)

Lion (Stephen Sullivan)

This is a great series of books that details the events of the Clan War in the Legend of the Five Rings setting of Rokugan.


Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (Also Ender's Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon)


Shamefully that's the bulk of fiction that I've read lately.  For the past year I've mostly had my nosed buried in RPG and Miniature game rulebooks and sourcebooks...

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman (yes Mr. Sandman etc.)

I just finished, today... and it is AWESOME!!!

I Second that emotion - All Gaiman's work that I have read so far has been excellent - Neverwhere, Smoke and Mirrors, American Gods and Coraline. A dark little genius, so he is.

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I love the Dragonlance cronicles, Legends and the current trilogy, the War of souls, by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. I just can not get enough of the Dragonlance world.

  Any novel by R.A. Salvatore, especially if Drizzt Do'Urden is in it

  Any Warhammer novel, that has Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaegar, in it, one springs to mind is Wolf Riders by David Pringle. Gotrek is hard as nails.

  Druss by David Gemmell is cool to.

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C.S Freidman's Coldfire trilogy

Elizabeth Haydon's [/i]Rhapsody trilogy

T. Lahaye and J. Jenkens Left Behind series

Julie E Czerneda's Trade Pact Universe series

Mercerdes Lackey [/u]The Chrome Borne

Anything by Mercedes Lackey for that matter

I could go onand on and on. I don't think there are too many books that I buy that I don't enjoy.

Lady Tam

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Agree on Gemmell, The Black Company by Glen Cook actually the whole seriesis good.  T H Lain is the new short "intro" book writer for DnD 3e.  I have the first one and it's pretty good :)   All the "new" Greyhawk books especially with Escalla the Farie and the Justicar.  Paul Kidd you love him or hate him but it's funny never the less :O   The Three Kingdoms by Angus some-one-or-the other is High Fantasy.  I don't have the books in front of me but if someone is interested I'll dig them out.  Terry Goodkind's series bleep can't remember the name but they're good.  I'm buying this weekend so I'm keeping my eyes peeled :p
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Some of these are hard to find, but can be had at Ebay or a used book store...



The Theive's World Series : Robert Lynn Asprin editor  (Thieves World, Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn, Shadows of Sanctuary, Storm Season, The Face of Chaos, Wings of Omen, The Dead of Winter, Soul of the City, Blood Ties: Aftermath, Uneasy Alliances, Stealer's Sky)


Myth Series by Robert Lynn Asprin (Another Fine Myth, Myth Conceptions, Myth Directions, Hit or Myth, Mything Persons, Little Myth Marker, M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link, Myth-nomers and Im-pervections, M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action, Sweet Myth-tery of Life) *if you couldn't tell, lots of puns*


Coldfire Trilogy by C. S. Friedman (Black Sun Rising, When

True Night Falls, Crown of Shadows)


Sword Series by Jennifer Roberson (Sword Dancer, Sword Maker, Sword Breaker, Sword Singer, Sword Born, Sword Sworn)


Witch World Series by Andre Norton (lots of titles to this series, won't even go into it)


Also by Andre Norton: The Crystal Gryphon series and Forerunner Series ...  pretty much anything by her.


Elaine Cunningham again, anything she's written. She's good, and nice. Posts often on the Forgotten Realms board at Wizards of the Coast.


Yes I've read all these books and more. Most I read in high school and still own them. All of them are excellent fantasy books. You can also go to the out of print section at barnes and noble dot com and they usually have copies available there.

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